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by Scott Xavier

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Processes by Scott Xavier

Imagine being able to have a spectator select any one of several nails from a new unopened package, marking it for identification, and then bending it in front of their eyes!

Now imagine wowing your crowd by having them write private information and questions on business cards and folding them into quarters. You collect them in a sealed container and still begin to reveal information that you shouldn't know! Based on a Lee Earle principle, this new variation can be used with the phoenix peek to mix methods and create an all audience size miracle! The gimmick described costs .97 cents, is psychologically invisible,and will last a life time!

You also get a full treatise on charctering and acting for magicians! Follow the archetypes described in this book and you too can be a super star of mentalism! Explore the super star psychic, the wiccan king, the paranormalist, the sideshow personae, and much much more inside this over 70 page treatise on routining and character development.

A taste of Effects in this ebook:

  • Submerge your hand into a flame with no harm!
  • Signed nail bend!
  • Q & A secrets!
  • 2 person coding system
  • New Psychic Surgery!
1st edition 2006; 78 pages.
word count: 16831 which is equivalent to 67 standard pages of text