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by Scott Xavier


(2 reviews, 5 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Untitled by Scott Xavier

This tome of magic and mentalism secrets was the first book in a series written by Doctor Zodiac a.k.a. Scott Xavier. It includes everything essential for a mid level entertainer to increase sales and create a legend for himself. Here's a sample of what you'll find inside:

  • How to structure your magic/mentalism business using a business plan to increase maximum effectiveness as a showman.
  • How to start a theater show.
  • A legitimate system for Cold Reading for those slow times.
  • Lots of theory.
  • And a ton of effects.
A Sample of the effects include:

A miracle w/cards. A borrowed deck is shuffled by the spectator, cut to any spot, and this cut to card is shown to match a prediction made earlier by the mentalist that's been in plain site! NO NAIL WRITING! That clean!

A visual multi-person card force that's so clean you won't believe it!

Wadd Spitter
Want a zero risk bullet catch without the gun? WADD SPITTER is the solution! A signed pellet is loaded into a real non-gaffed pellet gun. A laser scope is activated, the pellet gun is aimed at the performers head, and pop the pellet is shown to be caught within the performers teeth!

1st edition 2005; 128 pages.
word count: 31055 which is equivalent to 124 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Matt Cummings
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 23 June, 2006

First reaction after reading this:


Scott is a great thinker, his stories, his advice, his tricks, his methods are all achievable. This ebook is genius and well underpriced.

His presentation on revealing thoughts was pure genius.

Hype has a lot of potential.

You'll get some card effects, an interesting chair prediction test, a bullet catch, tons of advice, all for 18 bucks. This man is crazy.

Reviewed by Richard Waters
★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 26 March, 2006

The effects are clean and simple with an emphasis on the performance and making something that the audience will remember and that, in my opinion, is what its all about. I don't think anybody could be disapointed after reading and performing the effects in this book.

For someone that has some training in business - like I do - the business plans are a little basic... ...but then again, there were a few things even I took away from this book that Im sure will help me as well. A lot of magicians/mentalists dont have any training in business and this book would be a very good start!

The writing style is not something a lot of people will find easy to get into but I think this is where the book might stand out - it makes you want to read it a second time and "catch" what you might have missed the first time, and youre bound to find something new the second time around.

I have already started practicing "BULL" to add to my parlour/restaurant shows and "CHAIR'ISHED" for my stage show - Im sure they will go over well!

This is by no means a "basic book" and I wouldnt recommend it for beginners at all as some sections expect you to know certain effects and principals - but for intermediate to advanced magicians/mentalists, Im sure they will love this!