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Direct Hits by Aldo Colombini

This time Aldo is offering you very strong routines that require a little bit more sleight of hand than those he usually puts in print. Aldo has built his reputation on fairly easy material with simple and subtle moves. In this ebook he has kept the subtleties, but he is giving you more difficult routines which are geared toward pleasing not only the viewers, but yourself and your 'ego.'

Aldo uses the first five routines as an entire act.

1st edition 1996; 33 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Heat
  3. The Dirty Dozen
  4. A Case of Stairs
  5. The Seventh Floor
  6. Meet Charley
  7. Ace-mbly
  8. It's Small World
  9. Gran Prix
  10. Ace-high
  11. Hot Line
  12. Elevon
  13. The Aces are Gone
  14. The Brat Pack
  15. B.S. Control
  16. Twist and Shout
  17. Twist and Scram

word count: 20805 which is equivalent to 83 standard pages of text