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Impromptu Card Magic
by Aldo Colombini

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Impromptu Card Magic by Aldo Colombini

90 amazing card tricks by some of the most recognized magicians (including three past FISM winners), with stringent conditions: no set-ups and no sleights. organized into the following sections:

  • Selected Cards
  • Aces and Gambling
  • Mental Discoveries
  • Spelling Effects
  • Amazing Coincidences
  • Lie Detectors
The routines use subtle moves and principles rather than difficult sleight of hand to produce entertaining card effects that anyone can do. And more important, no gimmicks, and no set-ups whatsoever. Grab an ordinary, even borrowed, deck of cards and amaze your spectators with incredible card effects!

160 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Preface

    Selected Cards

  3. Goody Goody: Tom Craven
  4. Easy Location: Aldo Colombini
  5. No Control: Aldo Colombini
  6. Topsy-Turvy Twosome: Tom Daugherty
  7. Twinkey: J. K. Hartman
  8. A Sort-Of Spell: Eddie Joseph
  9. Quick and Direct: Harry Lorayne
  10. Dreamers Ball: Gavin Ross
  11. Duffy Duck and Deal: Aldo Colombini
  12. 4-5-6: Al Thatcher
  13. Bottoming Out Today: Marty Kane
  14. Dueling with Cards: Jon Racherbaumer
  15. Piledriver: Gavin Ross
  16. Kangaroo: Roy Walton
  17. Automatic Placement: Ed Marlo
  18. Jackula: Michael De Marco
  19. Come Together: Jay Sankey & David Acer
  20. Leapfrog: Tom Daugherty
  21. The Ten Principle: John Cornelius
  22. Prophetic Numbers: Aldo Colombini
  23. Infallible Memory: Eddie Joseph
  24. Instant Lottery: Marty Kane
  25. Speed Limit: Gavin Ross
  26. Sweet Sixteen: Michael De Marco
  27. The Magic Lesson: Roy Walton
  28. The Jamesway Connection: Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson
  29. Untouched: Daryl
  30. Countdown Location: George McBride
  31. Phone Trick: Chuck Smith
  32. Case of Logic: Larry Becker
  33. Topsy-Turvy Location: Stewart Judah
  34. Two Selected Cards: Stewart Judah
  35. Three-Card Location: Stewart Judah

    Aces and Gambling

  36. A Lucky Card: Richard Vollmer
  37. Surprise Poker: Aldo Colombini
  38. Simpl ' Ace ' Ty: Stephen Jones
  39. Du/Process: Karl Fulves
  40. It's a Deal: Aldo Colombini
  41. The Nervous Ace: Tom Daugherty
  42. Lucky in Love: Karl Fulves
  43. Three to Two Poker: Howard Adams

    Mental Discoveries

  44. Three Proofs: Tom Daugherty
  45. Message Understood: Peter Duffie
  46. Matched Prediction: Trevor Lewis
  47. Duo Predicto: Paul Swinford
  48. Double Predict A Count: Al Thatcher
  49. Invisible Deck: John Fedko
  50. Blue Print: Karl Fulves
  51. No Way: Eric Booth
  52. Another Aussie: Tom Craven
  53. Thirteen Down: Peter Duffie
  54. Central Reservations: Peter Duffie
  55. Dextral Draw: Karl Fulves
  56. My Dear Holmes: Stephen Tucker
  57. Three For One: Aldo Colombini
  58. The Cape Canaveral Trick: Paul Swinford
  59. Importanten: Howard Adams
  60. Cleopatrable: Howard Adams
  61. A Face in the Dark: George McBride
  62. Predict O'Clock: Aldo Colombini

    Spelling Effects

  63. The Magic Shuffle: Peter Duffie
  64. Universal Speller: Max Maven
  65. Small Talk: Richard Vollmer
  66. Comedy Spelling: Aldo Colombini
  67. Isobel: Stephen Jones
  68. Bam-Boo-Zle: Ken de Courcy
  69. Copperfield Down-Under: Marty Kane
  70. Magician: Peter Duffie
  71. Spelling Three Names: Stewart Judah

    Amazing Coincidences

  72. Casually Yours: Aldo Colombini
  73. Trost And Us: Mike Rogers
  74. Money Power: Roy Walton
  75. A Coincidence - On A Trey: Bill Miesel
  76. Family Reunion: Aldo Colombini
  77. Royal Marriages: Dai Vernon
  78. Sloshed or Sober: Paul Gordon
  79. Way to Go: Aldo Colombini
  80. The Great Thirstin': Marty Kane
  81. Strange Frontier: Gavin Ross
  82. Out of this Borough: David Regal
  83. Tri-Trock: Michael De Marco
  84. "Romantic" Card Trick: Bob Ostin
  85. Solitaire: Norman Gilbreath

    Lie Detector

  86. ACME Lie Detector: Marty Kane
  87. More Lies: Robert E. Neale
  88. On Second Thought: Aldo Colombini
  89. Telemental: Bob King
  90. Pronto! Aldo Colombini
  91. The Ultimate Truth: Peter Duffie
  92. S.S.D.J. Lie Detector: Robin Robertson

word count: 56018 which is equivalent to 224 standard pages of text