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Simply Impromp2
by Aldo Colombini

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Simply Impromp2 by Aldo Colombini

This is Aldo's second volume of impromptu card tricks. Once again the rules that he required were simple: That the tricks be based on subtle moves and principles only rather than difficult sleights. Most importantly, the tricks had to be totally impromptu with no set-ups. Eventually he did, however, allow a few easy moves such as a card control, a force or a simple sleight; moves that still are very easy to master and perform.

Tricks are organized into the following categories. The last one is a section on simple sleights and procedures:

  • The Four Aces
  • Amazing Coincidences
  • Baffling Revelations
  • Court Cards
  • Gambling Tricks
  • Lie Detector
  • Mental Discoveries
  • Red and Black Cards
  • Reversed Card Effect
  • Spelling Effects
  • Telephone Tricks
  • Two Selected Cards
  • Unique Card Effects
  • Sleights and Subtleties

Some routines have seen print before; many items, however, are new and have not been published previously.

Tony Dunn prepared the incredible illustrations, Richard Vollmer wrote the introduction, and John Lovick edited the ebook.

1st edition 2005; 102 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Preface

    The Four Aces

  3. Flipping Aces: Aldo Colombini
  4. Cut-ting the Aces: Aldo Colombini
  5. Divin-ace-tion: Max Maven
  6. The Return: Stephen Tucker
  7. Palatino: Aldo Colombini

    Amazing Coincidences

  8. Down and Under: Roy Walton
  9. Strange Companions: Robin Robertson
  10. Double Discover: Roy Walton
  11. You Think You Do What I Do: Aldo Colombini
  12. Child's Play: Karl Fulves
  13. Perfect Match: Bob King
  14. Reverse Procedure: Aldo Colombini
  15. Gross Dividends: Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson
  16. Bridges: Aldo Colombini

    Baffling Revelations

  17. Elementary, My Dear Watson: Peter Marucci
  18. Search the Seven Suspects: Gary Plants
  19. Psi-Caustic: Ryan Matney
  20. A Brainstorm in Glasgow: Peter Duffie
  21. Nice and Easy Does It: Paul Gordon
  22. Sleepers: George McBride
  23. Question Mark: Marty Kane
  24. Spin Out: Mark Leveridge
  25. Australian Count Down: Reinhard Müller
  26. This is the Card: Rannie Raymundo
  27. ROM: Max Maven
  28. Fast Finding: André Robert
  29. Equivoque: Gary Ouellet

    Court Cards

  30. Court Spell: Jack Avis
  31. Matched Picture Cards: Nick Trost
  32. Love at First Fright: Aldo Colombini
  33. Wedluck: Peter Duffie
  34. Courting: Aldo Colombini
  35. Love and Marriage: Howard Adams
  36. Coinci-Face: Aldo Colombini

    Gambling Tricks

  37. Backfire Poker: Peter Duffie
  38. Tested Ten-Card Poker Deal: Aldo Colombini
  39. Dazzler Mark one Million: Paul Gordon

    Lie Detector

  40. To Lie or Tell the Truth: Jack Avis
  41. Complex Simplex Lie Detector: Marty Kane
  42. Computerized Lie Detector: Gary Plants
  43. Card Lie Speller: Marty Kane
  44. J.E.D. Spells the Truth: Marty Kane
  45. Spel(l)egant: Harry Lorayne
  46. Fact or Fiction: Peter Duffie

    Mental Discoveries

  47. One More Chance: Paul Green
  48. Amara Rises Again: Ryan Matney
  49. Openly: Aldo Colombini
  50. Validation: Aldo Colombini
  51. Triple Humdinger: Peter Duffie
  52. T 4 2: Lewis Jones
  53. 37 Three: Karl Fulves
  54. Triskaidekaphobia: Tom Daugherty
  55. Math-Math-Mat: Aldo Colombini
  56. Diagonal Revelation: Aldo Colombini
  57. A 'Lessen' in Dishonesty: Peter Duffie
  58. Klondyke Cato: Richard Vollmer
  59. To Make a Point: John Zander
  60. Stupid Boy: Aldo Colombini
  61. Pick Nostradamus: Howard Adams
  62. Fantastic Four: Aldo Colombini
  63. Who Knows? Aldo Colombini
  64. Scatter Brain: Ivan Amodei
  65. Make One Go: Howard Adams
  66. Number Hummer: Robert Neale

    Red And Black Cards

  67. The Gypsy Shuffle: Tom Daugherty
  68. Bo Derek: Aldo Colombini
  69. Half a World Away: Aldo Colombini
  70. Play Your Game: Aldo Colombini
  71. Rack and Bled Profusely: Lewis Jones
  72. First and Last: Aldo Colombini

    Reversed Card Effects

  73. Over and Out: Lewis Jones
  74. Cato Deals: Aldo Colombini
  75. A Predictable Stroll: Paul Gordon
  76. A Predictable Stroll #2: Paul Gordon
  77. Dancing: Aldo Colombini
  78. Any Position: Aldo Colombini

    Spelling Effects

  79. Presto: Aldo Colombini
  80. Your Name Shall Be Mine: Carlos Vaquera
  81. Driftin': Aldo Colombini
  82. Alldu Colombini: Howard Adams
  83. Lady Spell: Jon Racherbaumer
  84. Double Talk: Richard Vollmer
  85. Fear Nothing: Aldo Colombini

    Telephone Tricks

  86. Phone Zone: Peter Duffie
  87. Wizard: Peter Duffie
  88. Lie Detector Telephone Trick: Al Thatcher
  89. Breaking Point: Aldo Colombini
  90. Phony Card Trick: Steve Beam

    Two Selected Cards

  91. Double-Duty Balducci: Robin Robertson
  92. Key for Two: Jerry K. Hartman
  93. Mailing Failing: Marty Kane
  94. The Favorite Cards of my Friends: Rafael Benatar
  95. Mind-Two: Aldo Colombini
  96. The Seventh Card: Werner Miller
  97. Two for Free: Scott F. Guinn

    Unique Card Effects

  98. The Magic of the Cards: Carlos Vaquera
  99. Takeaway: Karl Fulves
  100. The Cab-Trick: Reinhard Müller
  101. The Cut Knows: Jean-Pierre Vallarino
  102. Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Rachel Wild
  103. The Invisible Card: Tom Daugherty

    Sleights And Subtleties

  104. Charlier Shuffle
  105. Double Undercut
  106. Braue Reversal
  107. False Shuffle
  108. False Cut
  109. Reverse Faro
  110. Down Under Deal
  111. Under Down Deal
  112. Cut-Deeper Force
  113. Bill Simon Prophecy Force
  114. Criss-Cross Force
  115. Card Control

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