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Do You Like Scary Movies?
by Raphaël Czaja

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(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Do You Like Scary Movies? by Raphaël Czaja

"I love this trick. It is one of my favorite packet routines." - David Devlin

"Raphael has a new packet effect based on the Friday The 13th movies that is off the chain!" - Cameron Francis

You display a packet of blue backed cards as you offer to explain to the audience your own remake of the “Friday the 13th” movie... with just a bunch of cards! Each card represents a character from the movie.

First, you introduce the Jack of Spades which symbolizes the killer. You explain that a legend says that a young boy tragically drowned in a lake during summer camp because the counselors didn't pay attention. You then show that blue waves have magically appeared onto its face. But the legend also says that the boy did not actually die and still lives in the wood, waiting for his revenge. A regular Jack of Spades appears on top of the packet.

As the story goes, our main characters (face cards symbolizing the counselors) die one by one (their backs become red).

The “final girl”, our heroine, is knocked senseless by the killer (its back becomes red) who then goes away (the card is placed into your pocket but still in view) as his work seems to be over. But the girl is only hurt (its back turns blue again). Trying to escape from the dark woods, she discovers one corpse, and another one, and another - she quickly realizes that all her friends are dead!

When she finally gets out the woods and goes to the police, she's immediately able to tell them who did it. It was HIM. It could only be HIM; the boy from the legend! You tap the cards with the Jack of Spades and turn the red backed cards face down to reveal that on the back of each card, a letter has appeared: J-A-S-O-N. His name was Jason...

This routine uses only one standard gaff that 95% of you will already have. The set-up and the modus-operandi are easy to remember and at the end of the routine, every card on the table is examinable. The routine uses very basic sleights so you can really concentrate on your acting skills!

The 2nd edition includes a new handling as a bonus called DO YOU STILL LIKE SCARY MOVIES?

"Even people who don't normally like packet tricks, but like scary movies, will probably enjoy this as the presentation is great. And, like a lot of Raphael's stuff, a lot of magic for very little effort." - Cameron Francis

"This is a REALLY cool effect! [...] You definitely have a WINNER!" - Vlad (from the Magic Cafe)

"I really like this one - it's a well structured, direct effect, based on a great movie. [...] Your presentation manages to successfully capture the atmosphere of that movie." - Peter Duffie

"I am going to definitely use this one and in fact, it's going right into my performing repertoire! [...] I am sure a lot of people will like this trick." - Andrew Loh

2nd edition 2012; 16 pages, 8 photos.
word count: 3008 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text