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The Working Professional's Chop Cup
by Jim Sisti


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The Working Professional's Chop Cup by Jim Sisti

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From the introduction:

This routine was honed through many years of adding segments and cutting others. I approached the idea of developing a Chop Cup routine with two priorities: first, I had no interest in doing a Chop Cup routine that made the spectator the foil, i.e.: they always guess incorrectly where the ball is. Thus, I've included much of my patter so that you can see how I've taken the "sting" out of the routine. Secondly, I refused to underestimate the intelligence of my audience and directly address their suspicions that there is more than one ball in play. In fact, in the spirit of Juan Tamariz, I exploit these suspicions halfway through the routine with a color change which actually aids in getting the audience to basically give up in their efforts to jump ahead in the trick. Thus, the final loads blow right past them.

7 pages, photo illustrated
word count: 2450 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Michael Lyth (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 31 January, 2016

Ex-radio disk jockey turned pro restaurant magician in Connecticut. Jim Sisti has been performing magic for over 25 years. A prolific writer and inventor, his books on magic and magic effects are marketed all over the world. He is also the publisher of The Magic Menu. Are the words on this site telling briefly of Jim which says it all and the routine is very much worth the small cost