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Double Decker
by Paul A. Lelekis


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Double Decker by Paul A. Lelekis

Two superb card routines that you will be proud to perform! PLUS...a four page INTRODUCTION about HOW to bring your spectators in your "magical universe", making the magic about THEM by using 3 examples - This Intro is a MUST READ! The INTRODUCTION is worth twice the price.

Paul has provided two videos, explaining Paul's famous underground sleight, The Simplex Bottom Reversal showing 4 different ways to use this valuable sleight.

1) JOKER SANDWICH SURPRISE - This is one of the best "openers" you could imagine. Place the Jokers out on the table - (they can be inspected) and then begin a crazy routine with great laughs as you begin this effect (very funny stuff) Then have a card peeked at (no force) and lay the deck down. Pick up the two Jokers, wave them over the deck, and with a loud "Snap!" a face down card pops into view between the is the selection!

2) EVERYBODY LOVES A CLONE! - This effect is fantastic! It can be a closer or an is that strong. And it is easy to do. This beautiful, multi-stage routine will floor your spectators with hilarity and amazement. Have a card selected and placed into the middle of the deck. You next remove 5 cards to find your..."Oh no! It's only supposed to be 4 cards!" as you make one of the five disappear right before their eyes! Then in a hilarious spoof you show all 4 cards to be the selection - in two different ways. Although the performer will appear to be oblivious to it. The cards are now immediately shown to be the 4 ACES!! The deck is spread and the selection is found, face down, in the middle of the deck. The method is very surprising and you will be able to do this effect, the first day!

1st edition 2016, 14 pages.