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Duffie's Card Compulsions
by Peter Duffie


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Duffie's Card Compulsions by Peter Duffie

This is an electronic facsimile of the deluxe edition of Duffie's Card Compulsions that was published by Richard Kaufman. Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt with an introduction by Roy Walton. Besides the wonderful card magic you will also find artful drawings of sparsely clad ladies. And let's be honest folks, this is the real reason you should buy this ebook.


  • Preliminary
    • Introduction: Roy Walton
    • Foreword: Peter Duffie
  • Routines
    • The Three Packet Shuffle
    • Mis-Read Palmistry
    • City Slickers
    • Marriage On The Rocks
    • Sherlock Never Married
    • Baker Street Branch
    • Dearly Departed
    • Exodus
    • The Lucky Ten
    • Just For Starters
    • Aces Apace
    • Aces At Once
    • Divisory Capacity
    • Widowed
    • The Claustrophobic Cards
    • Triple Trauma
    • The Ultimate Truth (A Pocketful of Lies, Bernard Rasmussen's Alternative opening)
    • Truth Serum
    • Widespread
    • A Hint Of A Tint
    • Pokericulous
    • Four-Knowledge
    • Four-Knowledge (Without seconds)
    • A Great Deal Of Thought
    • A Hofzinser Trilogy (Triggered Hofzinser, No-Trigger Hofzinser, A Mild Solution)
    • Caprice
    • Time Zones (Two Timing, Jet Lag)
    • Centerpoint
    • Cardtell
    • Sleuthsayers
    • A willful Sandwich Transposition
    • The Fortuitous Card Catcher
    • The Case In Hand
    • The Red And Black Scenario
    • Epitaph For A Card Cheat
    • Fastack
    • The Judas Shuffle And Its Applications (To Stack Four Aces for a Four-Handed Game, To Stack the Aces for Any Number of Cards, To Stack a Royal Flush (5 cards), The Judas Fastack Shuffle)
    • Eleven Plus
    • Eleven Plus Plus
    • Almost But Not Quite
    • The Working Assembly
    • Mixed Reaction
    • The Maze Connection
    • The Vegas Connection
    • Flight Of Hand
    • The Protection Racket
    • Only A Game
    • Rooms For Maneuver
    • Two Decks But With A Single Thought
    • The Self-Seekers
    • Within You Without You
    • Re-Scan Variant
    • No Two Ways About It
    • Changing Sides
    • Thoughts On The Bottom
    • The Final Solution
  • Sleights And Slants
    • The Packet Palm
    • Center Block Palm
    • The Day Double Lift
    • The Grift Shift
    • The Nulling Factor
    • The Correction Pass
    • The Double Innercut
    • The Double Overcut
    • The Production Cut
    • Peek Break Technique
    • Stanley Collins' Replacement
    • Spin-Cut Lapping
    • Toss-In Lap Switch
    • P.O.U.S. (Palm Off Utility Sleight)
    • Duffie's Depth Deception

1st edition 1995, 269 pages; 1st digital edition 2016
word count: 74496 which is equivalent to 297 standard pages of text