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E-Z Square 2
by Werner Miller


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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E-Z Square 2 by Werner Miller
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Here Werner Miller attacks the 4x4 square. (E-Z Square 1 deals with the 5x5 square.). You will learn a new and easy method to construct a 4x4 magic square starting with two or four given numbers.

The real gem in this manuscript is the bonus routine. It is a unique presentation which makes your work simpler and allows you to predict the sum of the square. The effect is as follows:

Take out a soft measuring tape of the kind tailors use (which has centimeters or inches marked on both sides), and a prediction. Give the prediction to a spectator for safekeeping. You will never touch it again. Have two other spectators place a paper clip anywhere on the measuring tape. Since the tape has markings on both sides the two clips define four numbers. You place these four numbers in the main diagonal of a 4x4 square. With lightning speed and literally no calculation or memorization you fill out the square. The sum of the square will match your prediction.

This is a really good effect. It has all the components that make it a very strong routine:

  • Both spectators have a free choice where to place their clip. There is no force. (Well, there is a hidden force, but it is automatic, requires no effort or intervention from your side and is totally invisible and therefore unnoticable.)
  • The prediction is a true and honest prediction. No changes, swami gimmicks, or other trickery.
  • Very easy to do. No complicated calculations or memorizations. If you can count 1, 2, 3, 4, ... you can do this.

1st edition 2010; 19 pages.
word count: 1719 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

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