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Right Now
by Nefesch


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Right Now by Nefesch

Right Now is the name of Nefesch's new manuscript, and includes three mentalism effects, that you can do any time anywhere to convince people that you can really read their minds. These are effects you can peform anytime someone asks you: "READ MY MIND RIGHT NOW."

These are the effects included:

HOT (stands for Heads or Tails)
This is a three steps routine, in which you ask your spectator for a coin (any coin) you ask them to flip it in the air and to cath it in their hands, without letting you see it. You ask them to take a look at the coin, to find out if it is face or tails up, you never see the coin and yet you are able to know if it is heads or tails.

It is their coin, it is them who throw it in the air, and it is them who catch it, it all happens in their hands, and yet you are able to tell what it is (heads or tails), and if you are thinking that somehow you "track" the flipping of the coin, no that is not the method (you can do this even looking away from your spectator, to prove you are not glimpsing anything), it is something truly practical, and easy to do.

A borrowed glass, and a borrowed beverage (gass beverage, like Coke, Pepsi, etc.) You ask your spectator to think of the name of a person, a card, an object or whatever, you ask them to pour the coke in the glass and to watch the bubbles, so far nothing unusual happens. Now you give them a spoon (borrowed if desired) and you ask them to mix the cola using the spoon, the bubbles move, and now they are shapping the initial letter of whatever they were thinking of on the inside of the glass.

All objects can be borrowed. It requires pre-show work and a two seconds set up (yes just two seconds).

You ask your spectator to merely think of a card. He thinks of a card, and you never ask him to say the card outloud, you never ask him to write it anywhere, no peeks, no stooges, no nothing, 100% impromptu.

It sounds impossible. It is a clever - and among mentalists well known - technique Nefesch uses all the time. You ask a person: "Think of a card, any card." And yet you are able to reveal it perfectly.

You do not suggest a card, it is a totally free selection, no psychological forces at all. This technique is so great that Nefesch could write an entire book about it to include different routines, and aplications for it. 100% practical, and requires nothing more than your mind and your spectator's mind. You do not need a deck of cards to perform this.

1st edition 2010; 38 pages
word count: 7409 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Carlos Laborde
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 15 February, 2010

Fantastic collection of effects, particularly the Pure Thing. Any card thought of, never named, can be transferred between minds silently and invisibly in under a minute.