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Edward M. Massey

Edward M. Massey

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 3rd February 1893 - 15th November 1964)

Advertiser. Semi-pro magician. Illusion builder-inventor in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, in 1930s-50s, for W.W. Durbin, Howard Thurston, etc.

Invented the Penetration Frame (1927), Piercing a Woman = Rod through Body (1931), Vivisection (1933), Finger Chopper (by 1941 when sold to Holden), Sawing through a Cigarette (by 1941), It's a Stopper (by 1941), It's a Corker (1943), Squeezaway Block (Mar 1946), Cabinet of Deodar (Aug 1946), Ribbon Fantastique (by 1947), Color Flight (Jan 1947), Card Dagger (Jan 1947), Commando Screen (by 1948), Massey Duplex Slate (by 1949), Trickette Penetration (1950), & Chinese Flame Clock (by 1958).

Wrote New and Original Magic (1922, 205pp) & (as "Morrell Massey") Adventures of a Boy Magician (1934). See Frank Csuri (ed), Collected Works of Edward Massey (typescript). Also wrote (as "Morrell Massey") a detective novel, Left Hand Left (1932). Articles in magic magazines.

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Edward M. Massey
New and Original Magic by Edward M. Massey

Massey was the inventor of many mechanical magic tricks that have become part of the routines of modern magicians. Probably his most successful invention was the Finger Guillotine, which he sold to Max Holden. More than thirty of his tricks are explained in this beautiful and scarce publication.

There are 26 mechanical gems described and explained with enough detail to allow the home builder to construct them with little trouble. He explains six utility devices and seven sleights. His electro-magnetic drumhead loader uses technology which was innovative for 1922. The clockwork "automatic...

★★★★★ $15
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