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New and Original Magic
by Edward M. Massey


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New and Original Magic by Edward M. Massey

Massey was the inventor of many mechanical magic tricks that have become part of the routines of modern magicians. Probably his most successful invention was the Finger Guillotine, which he sold to Max Holden. More than thirty of his tricks are explained in this beautiful and scarce publication.

There are 26 mechanical gems described and explained with enough detail to allow the home builder to construct them with little trouble. He explains six utility devices and seven sleights. His electro-magnetic drumhead loader uses technology which was innovative for 1922. The clockwork "automatic release" is a utility device which will do away with the ubiquitous "string to offstage assistant" which was common in those days.

1st edition 1922, 200 pages. 1st digital edition 2013, 117 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. I Foreword
  2. II Personal Observations
  3. III A Word On What Is To Follow
  4. IV An Opening
  5. V To The Colors; Or, The Makings Of A Nation
  6. VI A Diminishing Card
  7. VII The Sure-Fire Handkerchief Pistol
  8. VIII The Drumhead Target
  9. Ix Candle Smoke
  10. X The Pedestal Top
  11. XI The Automatic Release
  12. XII With Four Coins
  13. XIII Prohibition
  14. XIV The Flower Cage
  15. XV A Borrowed Ring
  16. XVI The Chest Op Chu Chin Chow
  17. XVII Blanc et Rouge
  18. XIX With A Billiard Ball
  19. XX Jack Rose
  20. XXI The Wrist Stock
  21. XXII The Rising Cards Again
  22. XXIII The Borrowed Handkerchief And The Impenetrable Casket
  23. XXIV The Crystal Card Trapeze
  24. XXV An Instantaneous Rose-Bush
  25. XXVI Divination
  26. XXVII Have A Smoke?
  27. XXVIII Two At A Time
  28. XXIX The Interrogatable Goblet
  29. A Magical Appendix
  30. - Types Of Servante
  31. - Methods Of Palming Cards
  32. - To Secretly Obtain A Silk Handkerchief
  33. - A Black Art Table
  34. - The Coin Jar
  35. - "Le Tourniquet" Pass For Coins
  36. - The Use Of A Form
  37. - Palming A Billiard Ball
  38. - The Pass
  39. - The False Shuffle
  40. - The Force

word count: 33759 which is equivalent to 135 standard pages of text