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Elevate Your Tipistry
by Hal Saxon

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Elevate Your Tipistry by Hal Saxon

This is an intermediate to advanced thumb tip workshop for my friends at I want us to reimagine and revolutionize our tipistry. Tipistry means breathtaking thumb tip handling ability, competence, proficiency, and mastery. If we can pull this off, you'll skyrocket your confidence with a thumb tip. In our thumb tip magic, objections create skeptics and I don't want to create skeptics, I want to create awe.

In this 29-minute workshop, I will discuss the misconceptions and no no's of thumb tip magic and how to correct these flaws. I will show you how to elevate your Tipistry and you can transform into a more confident performer.

I will show you how to handle a thumb tip covertly and without any weird and wacky hand gestures. Just slow, controlled, and normal. You will learn that the exact match of the color of the thumb tip will not matter if you handle it properly. Choreography is the art of composing, planning, and arranging the movements, steps, and patterns of a dancer. We should do the same in magic. We should choreograph our magic effects. With the right handling, we can do amazing things with a thumb tip.

If there was one thing I would like you to learn from this video, it is the fact that you can make your effects more magical by using what I call plug-ins. I call them plug-ins because you can plug them in to almost any thumb tip effect anywhere. Plug-ins provide misdirection, deception, cover, or help with setup by getting the thumb tip in the correct position for the next part of this effect or the start of the next effect. Another primary use for plug-ins is to separate the steal from the reveal.

You will learn 25 of my favorite thumb-tip-handling-plug-ins. I will show you the two basic positions for all 25 of these plug-ins. Use them anywhere and almost any time with any effect. Show those thumbs!

1st edition 2022, video 29 min.