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22 Thumb Tip Handling Positions
by Hal Saxon

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22 Thumb Tip Handling Positions by Hal Saxon

Can we move beyond the basic silk vanish? Can we do anything more magical than the old bill change? Can you improve on the basic salt vanish? The answer is, "Yes!". It all starts with your handling of the thumb tip.

I have almost 200 very magical effects that I perform with the basic thumb tip and people never see or even suspect a thumb tip. The secret to skyrocketing your thumb tip skills is to learn how to handle the thumb tip.

Not a day goes by that I don't get asked about how to match a thumb tip color to an individual skin tone. Everyone is concerned about someone seeing it. My reply, "It doesn't matter. It could be red because no one will see it." If you handle a thumb tip properly it should not show. Most effects that I perform have a thumb tip on the thumb less than 10% of the time. Learning how to handle a thumb tip properly will allow you to start and end clean, and remain perfectly clean throughout the entire effect.

In this ebook, you'll learn the 22 core handling positions for the thumb tip. Then the hard part begins. You will need to practice these 22 handling positions with your right hand and with your left hand. That's a total of 44 different places that a thumb tip can be at any given point during your magical effects.

The real magic begins when you learn how to combine and move between several of these positions without even thinking about it. You will get to the point where your thumb tip handling becomes second nature, and instinctive. Through daily practice, you will become so natural in your handling of the thumb tip that you can even fool magicians. The best part is that there are no fast and wacky hand movements and manipulation that quite honestly make most magicians appear a wee bit goofy.

You will learn how to handle the thumb tip in a slow, planned, proactive, and intentional manner right in front of a spectator's eyes. A well-handled thumb tip should never be seen or detected and should be incredibly angle-proof.

This groundbreaking guide will take you step by step through the process of learning my incredible 22 Thumb Tip Handling Positions. If you want to skyrocket your thumb tip magic abilities this guide is for you.

I discovered that if you can break down magic effects into basic easy-to-understand steps and positions, learning is greatly enhanced. It is also a trigger for thought processes. In other words, as you learn handling methods, you will discover how to use your thumb tip and your creative juices will flow. You may even begin to create your own new thumb tip magic tricks and effects. Your mind will run away with you as you think of the many thumb tip magic possibilities.

Additionally, as magic effects steps and positions are broken down and clearly mapped, they become easier to duplicate and repeat. These breakdowns also make for very easy reverse engineering of effects and moves, and will be discussed in the book.

Bonus Material: You will also receive the basic, intermediate and advanced silk vanish effects included near the end of the ebook.

1st edition 2015, updated 2022, PDF 67 pages.
word count: 14736 which is equivalent to 58 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Chet Cox (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 14 April, 2022

I only THOUGHT I knew thumb tips.

I didn't know how to practice and rehearse while walking with my walker. I didn't know I COULD practice while using my walker, much less do it invisibly. I didn't know I could rehearse while riding in a bumpy bus or crowded car. I didn't know I could paint a thumb tip bright blue and it would still be invisible.

I didn't know how to make sure several thumb and finger tips could be pocketed and be loaded without sight and always load properly aligned with my real fingers.

I didn't know things could be done with tips far beyond vanishing and producing cloths, sponges, and things which fit into the tip.

I do now, thanks to the clear, clean instruction via text AND video by Hal McClamma. And I plan to know more and do more.

Sometimes, it's not what you don't know. It's what you don't know you don't know.