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Emotional Imprints
by Nathaniel


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Emotional Imprints by Nathaniel

Featuring notes and ideas from Andrew Gerard and Dr.Bill.

  • Emotional Imprinting? The energy of our feelings attaching itself to objects? I always thought this the stuff of fiction. And usually bad fiction at that.
  • He called it an "experiment." Everything seemed fair and under my control. There was no opportunity for him to manipulate the outcome.
  • You know me; I'm a rational person. I have eagle eyes and would have seen if anything fishy happened.
  • He followed my instructions, my choices exactly as I voiced them. Everything was in my hands!
  • Did I really imprint my emotions onto inanimate objects? Do you believe in such things? I didn't and I certainly never thought myself capable of such abilities but this experience is forever branded upon my memory.
As it will be branded into the memories your audiences when you perform Emotional Imprints. Psychometry comes alive in the hands of one of their own!

5 blank cards. 5 random emotions written down, one per card.

Your participant is guided to invest each card with the emotional energy derived from the memory of a time they experienced the chosen feelings. The cards are turned over and mixed so no one knows their order, even you!

Then, through the power of Emotional Imprints, the participant correctly identifies the feeling associated with each card! 5 free choices, 5 perfect matches! He or she experiences the wonder and the admiration given to those among us who demonstrate such skills.

No special props required. You can use your own business cards and leave five audience members with your information in a way they will never forget!

Easy to do and the effect is not limited to the theme of emotions. In fact, there are no limits. So perform this heart grabbing routine just as it is or stretch your imagination and transform Emotional Imprints into an effect uniquely your own.

1st edition 2009; 20 pages.
word count: 4693 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text