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by Biagio Fasano

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Emunsoc by Biagio Fasano
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Easy miracles using a new stack of cards.

This eBook collects a series of no less than seven tricks that are very simple to perform in front of one's audience, but all very impressive. All this is only possible thanks to a particular pre-arrangement of the pack of cards, derived from Si Stebbins but which, unlike it, will not be recognizable even to the majority of magicians, appearing on first examination to be entirely similar to a real shuffled deck. I have called this pre-order: VR Stack Pro and I will describe it extensively on the following pages.

Below you will find the effects described and explained in detail:

Creative A.C.A.A.N. Prediction
A Magician's Prediction, made even before starting, will turn out to be a Number representing the exact position of the card created by the spectator's mind.

PreCog Poker
The final result of a match at Texas Hold'em Poker between the magician and a spectator, despite the latter being given an additional opportunity to change one or both of his cards, will have been predicted from the very beginning: the illusionist's straight will always beat the simple pair of the spectator.

C.O.M.A.N.D.O. ACAAN (Card Of Magician At Number Destiny Offers))
A very special version of A.C.A.A.N. in which the magician, after being handed roughly half a deck, will point to a card, while the spectator decides the number based on a series of free choices. Incredibly, at the indicated position he will find that very card.

Triple Transfert
Three viewers split a pack of cards, after it has been shown to them, shuffled and cut. Each will look at the card at the top of their pack and lose it among those of the spectator next to them. Despite each packet being shuffled at will by the spectators, the magician will manage to find everyone's card.

Divinations Escalation
The spectator, after having dealt five hands of five cards each, will first choose a card from the first pack in a series of successive eliminations, and the magician will be able to identify it exactly. However, while his back is turned, the magician will know how to name the second choice from no less than 10 different cards. Finally, before the spectator even starts looking for his own from the last 10, the magician will know how to predict its twin card, using the same random choice procedure.

Poker Coincidence
The magician will hand three spectators a different set of cards from the deck. He will teach them an elimination procedure by which everyone will be left with only one card in their hand at the end. Not only he will be able to predict everyone's cards, but also they will all be of equal value.

IMpossible 2 C (Liar Cards, Carte Bugiarde!)
The spectator chooses a random card: the magician will prove that it is the deck itself, despite initial reluctance, which will reveal its identity.

Some variations of the main effects are also included and explained.

1st edition 2023, PDF 26 pages + video 22 seconds
word count: 10242 which is equivalent to 40 standard pages of text