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Scott Cram

Scott Cram

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Scott Cram is an enthusiast of magic, memory techniques and recreational mathematics, and is the author of the Grey Matters Blog.

He's published numerous original magic creations in Magic and Genii magazines, and is the author of Pasteboard Presentations II and the creator of the Sweetest Sound trick, among others.

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Scott Cram

Day One by Scott CramThe classic "Day For Any Date" feat has been updated!

Day One is a new approach to appearing as a human calendar. You ask for the year and month of the spectator's birthday, and instantly create that month's calendar for them on the back of your business card.

Day One is designed to be simple to learn, as well as quick and impressive to perform.

The role of math and mnemonics has been greatly simplified and minimized, and you don't need any previous experience with other mnemonic systems. Entire centuries are covered with less than a third of the mnemonics required by other approaches....

2012 / 1 / 15

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Scott Cram

Perpetual Calendar for your iPod/iPhone/PDA/cell-phone by Scott CramIf you've learned the classic Day of the Week For Any Date feat, as taught in sources such as the Roth Memory Course, The Magic of Memory, Train Your Brain and Entertain and Zufall's Memory Trix, you already know how useful a perpetual calendar can be for verification of the date. Now, you can have a compact perpetual calendar as close as your iPod, iPhone, PDA or cell phone that easily allows you to access any date in any year from 1800 through 2199!

"But wait," I can hear you say, "Don't iPods, iPhones, PDAs and most cell phones already have built-in calendars?" Yes, they do. However, most of these calendars are intended for appointments, and only handle recent dates...

2007 / 9 / 6

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Scott Cram

Terry LaGerould's Pasteboard Presentations II by Scott CramAfter years of magicians calling for Terry LaGerould to put out a new book, it's here! With more than 60 pages containing 17 card effects, and more than 35 photos, you'll easily learn these routines!

Back in 1992, many magicians were first exposed to Terry LaGerould's unique approach to card magic in a book called, Pasteboard Presentations. This book, now out of print, is still being sought after by many magicians.

For those unfamiliar with Terry LaGerould, the hallmark of his magic is efficient, innovative use of standard moves combined with highly commercial presentations. All the material...

2006 / 11 / 10

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Scott Cram

Train Your Brain and Entertain by Scott CramWould you like a better edge in school or at work? A better memory can give you that edge! Imagine having facts, dates and details handy without notes, or worrying about double-checking your facts. This is very handy for tests, and can increase your value in the eyes of your boss.

Think you don't have time to learn the techniques? With the mobile version of Train Your Brain and Entertain, you practice anywhere you have your smartphone with you.

You'll learn these skills:

  • Memorizing lists in order
  • Memorizing difficult, abstract words
  • Memorizing numbers of any length
  • Memorizing lists...
2006 / 10 / 14

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