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ESP Card Magic Vol. 11: Nick Trost Part 4
by Aldo Colombini

#1 in Italian (italiano) author
#1 DVD (download+stream) author

(2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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ESP Card Magic Vol. 11: Nick Trost Part 4 by Aldo Colombini
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  • THE THIRD DIMENSION: In this triple-barreled test, you discover three thought-of symbols in a baffling manner.
  • SYM-SATIONAL: Three spectators each peek at a symbol. The performer reads their minds and names each symbol.
  • MILLION TO ONE ESP: One of the strongest routines with ESP cards. Five spectators each select five face-down cards apiece. At the end they find out they have selected one each of the five symbols.
  • SYMBOL DISCERNMENT: In spite of not seeing the cards, you reveal how many of the spectator's selected symbols have been dealt and you are able to detect if a packet contains a special "card!"
  • ESP SIXTH-THOT: You remove a symbol and place it in your pocket. From a set of five symbols a spectator mentally selects one. This card matches your prediction.
  • DREAM OF THE HERMIT: An incredible series of coincidences between cards selected from both you and a spectator. Great routine.
  • METAPHYSICS UPDATED: Two spectators select a card each and you are able to find the matching symbols.
  • TRIPLE PSYCHOMETRY: A beautiful routine involving several effects, where you reveal selected cards and these cards find the matching symbols. A must for every ESP lover.
  • ULTRA-DIE PROPHECY: You place a prediction on the table. A spectator throws three dice and the total reach a card at random in the deck. This symbol matches your prediction.
  • ESP 7-CARD DRAW: A prediction is left in full view. The deck is shuffled and a spectator draws seven cards. They match the symbols you wrote on the prediction.

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Magic & Conjuring / DVD (download+stream)

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