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Essence: 30 Magical Experiments
by Verrall Wass

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Essence: 30 Magical Experiments by Verrall Wass

From the introduction:

It has been said that the art of magic is dying; that wireless, the cinema, and now the "Talkies" are killing it. Perhaps so, but the fault lies mainly with us in not supplying the public demand for originality and entertainment. Do not forget that entertainment is the essential factor. So long as the audience is pleased, and the show is well produced, that is all that matters.

1st edition 1931; PDF 56 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

    Section One: Novelties

  2. Tea
  3. From Thin Air
  4. Catching The Candle
  5. The Bathing-Box
  6. They Fell In Love
  7. Window-Box Wizardry

    Section Two: The Organ Pipes Again!

  8. Eat More Fruit
  9. A Floral Fraud
  10. The Organ Pipes
  11. Winter Wonders
  12. A Salturn

    Section Three: Card Curiosities

  13. Change "Chosen" Card Discovery
  14. Sympathetic Envelopes
  15. Clip!
  16. Swindled!
  17. She Made Some Tarts

    Section Four: Eight Effects

  18. The Zodiac
  19. A Record Success
  20. Trained Toothbrushes
  21. A New Production Box
  22. The Jolly Roger
  23. Shadows
  24. The Wooden Crystal Casket
  25. A Draughty Passage

    Section Five: Contributed

  26. The Firefly (Joan Rutland)
  27. Experiment In Second Thought
  28. The Spider
  29. The New Die And Hat
  30. A New Use For The Ghost Tube
  31. The Ashes

  32. Au Revoir

word count: 18624 which is equivalent to 74 standard pages of text