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Verrall Wass

Verrall Wass

(13th June 1909 - ?)

Born in Anerley, England.

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Verrall Wass
Visible Magic (used) by Verrall Wass

Booklet stapled in very good condition. For details on the contents see the digital edition.

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Verrall Wass
Essence: 30 Magical Experiments by Verrall Wass

From the introduction:

It has been said that the art of magic is dying; that wireless, the cinema, and now the "Talkies" are killing it. Perhaps so, but the fault lies mainly with us in not supplying the public demand for originality and entertainment. Do not forget that entertainment is the essential factor. So long as the audience is pleased, and the show is well produced, that is all that matters.

1st edition 1931; PDF 56 pages

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

    Section One: Novelties

  2. Tea
  3. From Thin Air
  4. Catching The Candle
  5. The Bathing-Box
  6. They Fell In Love
  7. Window-Box Wizardry ...
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Verrall Wass
Magically Yours by Verrall Wass

Practical effects with cards, flowers and silks. Here is Verrall Wass in his own words about the motivation of this book:

Modern magicians are not magi, yet some wizards wish to divide conjuring into innumerable religions and subdivide each religion into as many sects. The doing of tricks for them becomes a ritual. To one, he who does not use Professor Shuffle's (the "Professor" is still with us) double-trouble riffle is a heretic. To another, disciple of The Great Marmagic (the "Greats" are still with us too), he who does not employ Marmagic's boil-and-bubble pass, aptly named because the...

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Verrall Wass
Astound Your Audience Vol. 2 by Verrall Wass

1st edition 1936; 93 pages.

  1. Where Are Tomorrow’s Magical Masters
  2. I. Rameses’ Wine And Water
  3. II. Flages Of Most Nations
  4. III. Up Or Down
  5. IV. Three From Five
  6. V. The Leopard’s Spots
  7. VI. Pot-Pourri
  8. VII. Wool Gahering
  9. VIII. Dyed In The Wool
  10. IX. Chameleon Lucifers
  11. X. The Photographic Album
  12. XI. Vanity Bag
  13. XII. Underground
  14. XIII. Pail Go!
  15. XIV. Butterfly Wings
  16. XV. Candle Conception
  17. XVI. Billboard
  18. XVII. Jam
  19. XVIII. On Parade
  20. XIX. Shifting Sands
  21. XX. Bath Salts
  22. XXI. Magical Trade Union Wanted?
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Verrall Wass
Astound Your Audience Vol. 1 by Verrall Wass

This is the first volume in a five volume series from which only two have been published.

Verrall Wass takes us through his card tricks from manipulation to mechanical stage/platform effects. The ebook is split into two sections, one describing effects with regular sized cards, the other with giant cards.

The last chapter espouses some of his personal ideas as to magical presentation and psychic phenomenon. Robert Harbin even donated an effect to this collection - "The Card in a Lemon." Many of the ideas in this ebook have been hibernating since 1936 and need to be performed for the public.


★★★★ $9
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Verrall Wass
Twelve Tested Tricks by Verrall Wass

This is a nicely illustrated manuscript describing a range of parlor tricks. At the end you will find three articles that still hold a lot of truth even after decades when they have been written.

1st edition 1936, PDF 19 pages

    1. 1. Triple Transposition
    2. 2. British Made
    3. 3. Magical Book Covering
    4. 4. The Homing Liquids
    5. 5. Balancing a Handkerchief
    6. 6. Bluff
    7. 7. Box 0' Chocs
    8. 8. Twice Twenty-Six
    9. 9. Poppies and Perfume
    10. 10. Transparent Transformation
    11. 11. Buddha's Shrine
    12. 12. The Blossoming Desert
    1. An Act "Borrowed from the Audience"
    2. Revolution Needed ? ...
    3. More Publicity...
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Verrall Wass
Visible Magic by Verrall Wass

This booklet was inserted in volume 44 number 8 of The Sphinx. It was published as a gift to the loyal subscribers. Illustrations were done by Francis Martineau.

1st edition, 1944, Sphinx Publishing Corporation, USA; 11 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. Eyes Colour Blind
  3. Verrall's Visible Four Aces
  4. From Deception to Doll's House
  5. Verrall's Chameleon Carnations
  6. Verrall's "Bango!"
  7. Grandfather's Nightcap
  8. Verrall's Vanishing Vase
  9. It Hasn't Been Done Before!
  10. Decanting a Rainbow
  11. Francis Martineau
  12. Verrall Wass
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