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European Coin Magic Symposium Volume 3
by Giacomo Bertini

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European Coin Magic Symposium Volume 3 by Giacomo Bertini

On November 12th and 13th 2011 the second European Coin Magic Symposium brought 16 magicians from all over the world to Milan for two days of non-stop coin magic, with lectures and performances, private sessions and gala shows. The routines in this issue is a selection of the best. They were shot live at the symposium, and they are very impressive and strong. Expect some knuckle busters as most of the contributors in this issue are the best names in the Coin Magic genre. All routines are complete with performance and explanation.

GIACOMO BERTINI: "Matrix Colors"
You can see this amazing routine in his book, Giacomo Bertini's System for amazement written by Stephen Minch. A very original matrix in which 4 different coins are used. Giacomo does not use any gimmick or extra coins, and created two consecutive final climaxes. The 4 coins after returning to the initial position, disappear completely and then reappear printed under the cards. For stand-up workers. Advanced level.

DARYL: "The Misterious Cross of India"
This is one of the most famous routines of the great American magician Daryl (Fism prize). For the first time recorded in a video and live, on the occasion of the Coin magic Symposium. A simple but amazing routine. There are no other videos with Daryl showing this famous routine. An unforgettable master for a memorable routine that will remain in the history of coin magic. For standup workers. Beginner level.

FRANZIS TABARY: "Three Coins Routine"
A master of magic (Fism prize), he is considered the most famous magician ropes of all times. In this very beautiful coin magic routine he shows us an example of his great talent also in coin magic, with a beautiful and original routine in where three coins appear and disappear in his hands, which are always empty during all the performance. For standup workers. Advanced level.

MIGUEL ANGEL GEA: "Spanish Wild Coin"
The master of Spanish coin magic presents his original version of the wild coin routine. Easy to perform but truly amazing: the three coins change color, or get smaller and break in his hands. Routine to work at the table. Beginner level.

ERIC JONES: "Enigma Change"
One of the best American professional close-up magicians, well known for his original coin magic routines, shows us for the first time one of his spellbound moves which made him known throughout the world of magic. This routine works at the table and stand-up. Beginner level.

ANTONY GERARD: "Static Attraction"
The well-known American close-up magician shows us his professional version of the coin across with 4 dollars. An original variation directly in the spectator's hands. Beautiful routine for stand-up workers. Intermediate level.

FRANCESCO ADDEO: "Behind the backs" (Card routine)
The Italian close-up master, shows us his card routine. This is the only card routine in this video. Francesco shows us his original and extraordinary skill, with an amazing and very original production of 4 aces. His hands always seem empty during the routine. Amazing routine for stand-up workers in close-up situations. Advanced level.

ROBERTO GIOBBI: "Giobbi on Convergence"
The famous card magician shows us his original skills also in coin magic. This routine is taken from Giobbi's professional repertoire. It is his revised and expanded interpretation of a coin assembly created by the famous Japanese magician Shigeo Takagi (from the book Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi). Here Roberto has devised a presentation that makes everything more magical. A true act of magic. This is artistic Close-up Magic at its finest. Beginner/Intermediate level.

Student of Shigeo Takagi, Shigeo is now considered the dean of Japanese coin magic. Beautiful routine to work at the table. He is famous for his book Introduction to Coin Magic. This is the third and only video performance you will ever see of this famous coin man. An amazing production of different coins, with his original technique and with an unexpected climax. Beautiful routine to work at the table. Beginner/Intermediate level.

J.EMMANUEL FRANZIS: "Cylinder & Coins"
The best French coin man gives us his interpretation of the famous cylinder and coins routine with some variation: in the beginning he magically produces 4 dollars, and in the final climax the 4 dollars change into a rigid stack of coins, under the cylinder. Beautiful routine for stand-up workers. Advanced level.

Again a routine of the well-known American coin man: his interpretation with the coins of a "classic" of card magic. He also uses a gimmick purse, and in the finale as a climax some coins disappear and reappear inside the purse. Simple to perform but an original routine to be easily performed impromptu everywhere. To work at the table or stand-up. Beginner level.

The funny and talented French magician gives us a funny and personalized original interpretation of the famous routine. It really looks like he is using a gimmick, but they are 4 ordinary coins. Beautiful routine for stand-up workers. Beginner/Intermediate level.


GINJIRO: "Ginjiro coin box routine" (performance only)
The well-known Japanese dealer and very good coin man, shows us one of his creations in the interpretation of the classic Okito box, also showing his remarkable coin skill. The final climax is really new and mysterious: the box is full of real sand! Beautiful routine for stand-up workers. Intermediate level.

1st edition 2011, length 1h 34min

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