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Exceptional Concepts
by George Ernest Arrowsmith

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Exceptional Concepts by George Ernest Arrowsmith

Excerpt from the preface:

Exceptional - EX - equals for me Exonian and this book could well have been called Exonian Magic for the Author has been closely associated with the "Exonian Magical Society" for many years, first as Member, then as Fellow, then as President, and now as Hon. Life-Member, and as the deceptions that follow have been conceived and brought forth under its inspiration and by its help. Several of its items have been contributed by fellow-members of the Society, and in this connection, the Author wishes to thank Messrs. J. Hughes, H. Knight, Geo. Moore, and W. T. Lloyd for giving him permission to include some of their pet effects. He also thanks you, the reader, for buying the book and he hopes you will be rewarded by finding something new and workable in the pages that follow.

  • Author's Preface
  • A Foreword
  • Psychic Magic
    • Direct Action
    • Premonition?
    • Spirit Photography?
    • The Playful Sprite
    • The Beauty Queen
    • Black-Out In The Library
    • "Cat's Eyes"
    • Getting Something On Tick!
    • The Heart-Beat Of An Orange
  • Card Magic
    • "Gentlemen-The Queen"
    • The Impossible Made Possible
    • Disintegration!
    • The Bishop's Hat
    • Fooled!!
    • To Right The Wrong
    • The Sands Of Time
    • Peripatetic Card
    • The Travelling Pips
  • Miscellaneous Magic
    • A Handful Of Colour
    • Knight's Glass Penetration
    • A Fairy Fantasy In Silks
    • The Power Of Friction
    • A Penetrable Ring
    • Numismatist's Hide-And-Seek
    • The Disintegrated Doll
    • Elusive Cinderella
    • The Oracle
    • The Dough-Nut
    • "Poor Pussy"

1st edition 1980, 84 pages; PDF 85 pages.
word count: 28542 which is equivalent to 114 standard pages of text