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George Ernest Arrowsmith

George Ernest Arrowsmith

(Torquay, England: 17th July 1887 - 11th February 1978)

Debut at age 13 in 1900. Founding member of Exonian Magical Society and Cambridge University Magical Society. Clergyman. Amateur magician specializing in mental magic. Wrote Magical Mentalia (1942, 66pp; repr 1950), Magical Originalia (1943, 67pp), Arrowsmith's Mystery Box (n.d., 90pp), and Arrowsmith's Assorted Mysteries (1967, 44pp). Tricks in Magic Circular, etc.

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George Ernest Arrowsmith

Two Little Gems by George Ernest Arrowsmith

Two surprising card tricks based on a little known principle.

My Lady's Jewels

The performer starts with: "The story goes that a certain queen had some very valuable diamonds, and one day when she opened her jewel casket lo and behold some of them were missing. Summoning the court detective, she commanded him to trace the stolen gems and return them to her, and, being a very able sleuth his quest was soon accomplished. If you will take your own pack of cards and follow my directions, I will show you how he did it."

The cards having been produced (and emphasis is laid upon the fact...

2021 / 1 / 8

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George Ernest Arrowsmith

The Psychic Pencil by George Ernest Arrowsmith

A seemingly "impossible" book test.

George Arrowsmith wrote:

A worthwhile exercise for a Mentalist is to set himself a problem that seems unsolvable and to wrestle with it, and to go on wrestling until a possible (and practical) solution is found. "All things are possible to him who keeps on trying" …

Here, then, is such a problem that occurred to the author. A word had to be chosen from a book, one of several, and all of them had to be genuine and unfaked in any way. The word was to be freely selected from any line on any page of the book. This word had to be encircled by the pencil...

2020 / 11 / 28

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George Ernest Arrowsmith

Magical Mentalia and Magical Originalia by George Ernest ArrowsmithMagical Mentalia
  • Introduction
  • Psychic Magic
    • Psychometrical Divination
    • The Word That Spells Itself
    • The Library Problem
    • Psychic Photography
    • A Novel Novelty
    • A Word Of Three Letters
    • Psychic Sight
    • A Silent Mental Act
    • The Key Of Knowledge
  • Miscellaneous Tricks
    • Watch The Milk!
    • The Magnetic Wand
    • A Miniature Derby
    • Wringing A Stocking
    • Baby Austin
    • The Penetrative Woman
    • Kill The Brute!
    • The Uncontrollable Doll
    • The Witch At The Stake
    • The Arrowsmith Glass Penetration
    • The Body In The Bath Illusion
Magical Originalia
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • A Letter Embodying Two Magical Ideas ...
2016 / 11 / 12

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