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by Dee Christopher

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Exchange by Dee Christopher

"extremely visual and psychological magic at its best!" - Titanas (Creator of Titan's Finger)

"So visual. This ones in the gig bag for sure! I love the fact that the gum changes in the spectator's hands. It's unbelievably good methodology to achieve that!!" - Rob Nekros (Professional Magician)

Exchange is a workable piece of visual and psychological magic that takes place in a spectator's hands and your own, making it personal and applicable to perform to a large group.

The effect is simple; you take out a pack of fruit gum. You take out a stick and have a spectator smell it, “smells good huh?” The spectator is to hold onto this stick of gum. You explain that you prefer mint flavoured gum and in a wave of your hand, the packet becomes mint gum. You then snap your fingers over the spectator’s gum and that too becomes mint gum in their hands!

  • You’re left clean at that point and all of the gum is now mint flavoured.
  • Everything is completely examinable, the reset takes about a second
  • Reset could be done as you place the gum back in your pocket, so even for the hawk eyed spectators between tables, this won’t let you down.
You will need a common magician's gimmick to make this work, but you'll likely have one already and if not (WHY NOT?!) you can pick them up really cheap.

1st edition 2011; 10 pages.
word count: 1395 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text