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Fake Card Tricks
by Leo Behnke


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Fake Card Tricks by Leo Behnke

Way Back in 1963 the Magic Castle opened its doors to the outside world so it could see the great variety and talent of magicians from all over the world. It began simply, but kept growing until today it is a world famous and beloved institution.

So it is with someone who wants to learn how to do card tricks. They begin in an easy manner with simple props and a minimum of skill. Slowly they grow in stature until someday they can hold their own with any other card magician in the world.

This booklet, small as it is, is the Open Sesame for people who want to learn to do card magic. It is to be used with one or two of the Magic Castle decks of playing cards, as well as the very special Fake Deck. With these simple props the beginner can start learning and performing card tricks with unusual and baffling effects.

They're easy to do, and will open up a world of secrets, wonder, and appreciation.

(Although this ebook was written for the Magic Castle fake card deck, you can perform the tricks with any other appropriate set of fake cards. The Magic Castle fake deck consists of:

  • 3 double back - red
  • 3 double back - blue
  • 2 double back - red/blue
  • 8 double face
  • 16 blank back
  • 8 blank face - red back
  • 8 blank face - blue back
  • 8 double blank
You should be able to find such fake cards at any good magic dealer. You can also make fake cards yourself by splitting and re-joining faces and backs appropriately.)

1st edition 2002; 37 pages.
word count: 15938 which is equivalent to 63 standard pages of text