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Leo Behnke

Leo Behnke

(2nd March 1933 - 7th November 2023)

Born in Hollywood, CA. Learned 1st card trick at age 9, then had a job with the Merv Taylor Magic Company. After US Navy service, pro-performer-dealer since 1956. Opened and managed Merlin's Magic Shop at Disneyland for 6 years. Toured Europe in 1959 with John Daniel in a two-person magic act. With Mark Wilson's Magic Land of AllaKazam TV series 1960-65. Mail-order book dealer 1972-80. Curator of the Copperfield Collection in Las Vegas until 2000. A prolific writer of magic books.

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Leo Behnke
Professional Close-Up by Leo Behnke

This is a book of working knowledge using over 30 years of professional experience in the field of close-up magic. Some of the 15 specific subjects covered inside are

  • How do you select the right tricks for your routines?
  • What sales tools do you need to sell yourself?
  • How do you find your own style?
  • What can you do to increase audience reaction?
With many years in each branch of magic - not only close-up, but illusions, mentalism, clubs, trade shows, promotion, and television - Leo gives you his insight on how best to become a professional in our art.

1st edition 1995; 77 pages.

★★★★★ $12
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Leo Behnke
The Making of Playing Cards by Leo Behnke

Leo Behnke worked for many years for Paulson, a playing card manufacturer. He describes in this ebook the history of playing card production up to the process that is used for todays cards. He also describes in detail the 9 editions of the Magic Castle cards and how one can identify them.

Beyond the interesting historical and technical descriptions Leo is offering, this information can also be quite helpful in creating a script or interesting line of presentation for a trick or routine.

The contents of this ebook was presented at a Magic Collectors meeting in Las Vegas, April 8 2005. ...

★★★★ $3
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Leo Behnke
Fake Card Tricks by Leo Behnke

Way Back in 1963 the Magic Castle opened its doors to the outside world so it could see the great variety and talent of magicians from all over the world. It began simply, but kept growing until today it is a world famous and beloved institution.

So it is with someone who wants to learn how to do card tricks. They begin in an easy manner with simple props and a minimum of skill. Slowly they grow in stature until someday they can hold their own with any other card magician in the world.

This booklet, small as it is, is the Open Sesame for people who want to learn to do card magic. It is...

★★★★ $5
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Leo Behnke
The Conservation of Magic by Leo Behnke

Do you know the correct temperature for your library? What should the humidity be? Can you save rotting leather? What's the best method of storing playing cards? How do you recover computer disks that have been drowned? Just one reading of The Conservation of Magic will save you years of research and study in order to care for your artifacts so future collectors will find them in the best possible condition. Each chapter gives you the basics of understanding your magic collectibles, and then, step-by-step, how to care for them. You will learn how to look at your treasures like a professional,...

★★★★★ $25
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Leo Behnke
Corporate Presentations by Leo Behnke

If your intention is to earn a living from magic, then corporate events are your best chance to succeed. Simply stated, they pay more and can often lead to repeat bookings by the same firms. But do you know how to entertain during a press party, an awards dinner or a fashion show? And what about trade show booths?

Leo Behnke has decades of experience in the corporate entertainment world and shares it with you in this ebook. This is extremely valuable advice you are getting from a pro who has done it all - TV, Magic Castle, trade shows, ...

Leo structered the ebook into five chapters. The...

★★★★★ $22
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Leo Behnke
Magic Show Tonite! by Leo Behnke

During the settlement of the Wild West, entertainers followed along the trails to provide the very much needed distraction from the grueling voyage. This ebook describes their circumstances and stories.

Originally this work was published as miniature book.

1st edition 1999; digital version 22 pages

★★★★★ $3
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Leo Behnke
Entertaining Close Up by Leo Behnke

Various tricks for the dinner table or other close-up occasions with sugar, matches and business cards.

    1. "Any Comment?"
    2. My Card - Your Card
    3. Follow the Leader
    4. Magic Square
    5. A Thought
    1. Sugar Supply
    2. Card Cubes
    3. Sweet Smash
    4. Spot Everywhere
    1. 20 plus 1
    2. "Allow Me"
    3. Matching Ads
    1. Fortune Stars
    2. Long John Silver
    3. In the Center
    4. Up with the Olio

1st edition 1962; 14 pages

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Leo Behnke
Entertaining with Cards by Leo Behnke

You will find in this ebook twenty wonderful old school card tricks.

Table of Contents

    1. Ace and Deuce
    2. Four Cards Down
    3. Dirty Do-As-I-Do
    4. Postal Card
    5. Finding the Right Filter
    6. The Invisible Card
    1. Back and Forth
    2. Up and Down
    3. Name a Number
    4. Surprise!
    5. Surprise Again!!
    1. Spelling Chart
    2. Cut and Spell
    3. Super Spell
    4. How to Find a Card
    5. Grand Finalle
    1. Four Aces
    2. Laugh Routine
    3. Giggle Routine
    4. Puppet Routine

1st edition 1962; 19 pages

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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products)