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Fast Ones
by Joseph Ovette

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Fast Ones by Joseph Ovette

Excerpt from the foreword:

This little manuscript of choice effects I fondly dedicate to my dear friend, Louis Lam of Holland, a magician, gentleman, and writer. I am indebted to him for many of the fine effects contained herein. Effects which magicians will find choice magical morsels for immediate introduction into their programs.

  • Foreword
  • Amazo
  • A Sensational Card Effect
  • A Miracle In Cards
  • Think And Take
  • Bagging The Card
  • Number Telepathy
  • Slow Motion Tip
  • Whispering Thought
  • Midget Stack
  • Shoe Laces Today
  • Card Silk Routine
  • Perfect Pellet Switch
  • Simple Location
  • Simple Do As I Do
  • Audience Do As I Do
  • Different Princess Card Trick
  • Another Card Silk Idea
  • Clean Rabbit Vanish
  • The Transparent Tube
  • New Pellet Reading Slant
  • Germaine‚Äôs Butterfly Trick
  • Dropping The Eggs
  • Magician Versus Layman
  • Slate Message Reading
  • New Production Frame
  • Phantom Vanish
  • Sock Die Box Twist
  • A Chinese Phantasy

1st edition 1940, 40 pages; PDF 27 pages.
word count: 10403 which is equivalent to 41 standard pages of text