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Joseph Ovette

Joseph Ovette

(Naples, Italy: 20th January 1885 - 24th July 1946)

Stage name of Giuseppi "Joseph" Olivo, billed as "Magical Ovette" and "The Great Ovette". Brought to New York City at age 3. Pro fire-eater turned magician at age 12 with Kickapoo Medicine Show. In WW I entertained troops near the front. After 1919 toured USA and Canada, working fairs, vaudeville, and his own show. Also did a pseudo-Chinese act as "Lung Chang Yen" and a mind-reading act as "Mar-Jah".

Moved to Canada. Worked with assistant-wife Frances. Dealer (Treasure Magic) in Cornwall, Ontario, with 1927 catalog (50pp). Died of throat cancer in a Buffalo hospital. His collection of magic books was acquired by Lloyd Jones.

Invented the Master Move = Kelly Bottom Placement by 1927. Edited Echo 1932-35 (16 issues). Co-edited "Hocus Pocus Parade" in Linking Ring 1941-42.

Wrote Magician's New Field (1916, 30pp), Trickery Tricks (1917, 24pp), Advanced Magic (60pp), Practical Telepathy, Publicity Miracles (1928), Eggstraordinary Ways of Egghibiting with Eggs (1932, 36pp), Tricks and Illusionettes (1944, 31pp; repr 1952), Miraculous Hindu Feats (1947, 15pp), Fast Ones (1952; repr 1971, 31pp), and The Gambler's Paradise (12pp). Articles in magic magazines.

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Joseph Ovette
Fast Ones by Joseph Ovette

Excerpt from the foreword:

This little manuscript of choice effects I fondly dedicate to my dear friend, Louis Lam of Holland, a magician, gentleman, and writer. I am indebted to him for many of the fine effects contained herein. Effects which magicians will find choice magical morsels for immediate introduction into their programs.

  • Foreword
  • Amazo
  • A Sensational Card Effect
  • A Miracle In Cards
  • Think And Take
  • Bagging The Card
  • Number Telepathy
  • Slow Motion Tip
  • Whispering Thought
  • Midget Stack
  • Shoe Laces Today
  • Card Silk Routine
  • Perfect Pellet Switch
  • Simple Location
  • Simple Do As...
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Joseph Ovette
Tricks and Illusionettes by Joseph Ovette

Being a collection of easily built tricks and small illusions.

  • The Great Ovette
  • A Novel Opening Number
  • The Waterless Tube
  • Magic Bunny Rings
  • The Oriental Bead Rack
  • The Oriental Tube
  • Stack Of Fish Bowls
  • Bunny Production Box
  • The Traveling Silks
  • On Again Off Again
  • Bird And Cage
  • The Vanishing Lamp
  • Bird And Cage Illusion
  • Candle And Fan

1st edition 1944, 30 pages; PDF 30 pages.

★★★★★ $8
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Joseph Ovette
Odds and Ends in Cardology (used) by Joseph Ovette

Softcover, pages folded and stapled, but staples are missing. For details on content see the digital edition.

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Joseph Ovette
Odds and Ends in Cardology by Joseph Ovette
  • Odds And Ends In Cardology
  • Seeing Is Believing
  • Mental Touch
  • Shu-Card
  • Shu-Card 2
  • You Did It
  • Matched Cards
  • Sal's Do As I Do
  • U-Bite
  • E Bites-Again
  • A Light Card
  • Hanother Ace
  • Tip To Fanners
  • Albaka Baked
  • Cigarette Box To Cards
  • Guess You Are Right
  • It's Johns
  • Ovette's Cards From Pockets
  • Movie Star
  • Impossible Vanish
  • Kandle-Ology
  • Suggestion
  • Avalanche Or Flying Cards
  • Criss-Cross Pips

1st edition 1937, 29 pages; PDF 23 pages.

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Joseph Ovette
Mar-Jah's Publicity Miracles by Joseph Ovette

WARNING: This ebook will get you noticed. If you want to live in anonymity and obscurity, this is not the book for you.

All the great performers relied on publicity - so should you. Get your name and photo in the newspapers, TV and on Internet media sites using the attention-getting stunts in this book. No matter whether you're a mentalist, magician, illusionist, juggler, comedian, or any other type of entertainer. You need a constant barrage of publicity and "buzz" to ensure that your shows are well-attended.

Working pro Joe Ovette reveals the inside secrets to getting reporters to write...

★★★★★ $10
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Joseph Ovette
Silk Creations by Joseph Ovette

Stage magician Joe Ovette reveals the inner workings of his famous silk act in this 77-page ebook. You'll find productions, vanishes, color changes and more here. There's sure to be something here that you will use.

Not content merely to divulge the methods of the individual effects, Ovette goes on to provide several professional secrets that are worth $20 each to any working pro. You'll find ways to double the size of your silk production without increasing to cost; how to remove wrinkles from your silks without using an iron; a do-it-yourself vanisher that's superior to ones you can buy;...

★★★ $5
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Joseph Ovette
Practical Telepathy by Joseph Ovette

Considering getting into the mental field, but unsure where to begin?

Perhaps you've wanted to add a Q&A or crystal gazing segment to your present act and want to learn the real work from a performer who's earned a living from mentalism?

Working pro Joe Ovette reveals all in this revised and updated classic that belongs on every psychic entertainer's bookshelf.

  • Pre-show work without clipboards
  • Billet switches
  • When to use stock questions
  • Sensational Q&A
  • 100 Audience-tested answers
  • Uplifting answers
  • Confederates
  • History of Q&A acts
  • Plans and schemes for office work
  • A clever ballot...
★★★★★ $10
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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products)