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Five Kinks
by Ian Baxter

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Five Kinks by Ian Baxter
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From the introduction by David Jones:

Ian loves to tinker! Given his strong creative abilities, this tinkering has more often than not, resulted in much improved effects, more streamlined methods, or both. Over the years, Ian has released a number of books and manuscripts that detail some excellent card effects. Numerous One Man Parades in the IBM monthly magazine The Linking Ring have also been published.

On one occasion I remember fooling many well informed card men at the prestigious FFFF meeting in New York State, with one of Ian's streamlined handlings of a classic card effect.

Qualified Hof' continues this tradition of delightful and devious card magic.

In Qualified Hof, Ian adds an ingenious Francis Carlyle ruse to Tony Econ's 'Hofzinser Aces' considerably enhancing the strength of the crucial transposition.

Kings Feast is a very clever alternative to a well known mnemonic for a stacked deck. It will fool all those familiar with the original version.

A streamlined handling of a Glenn Gravatt effect follows in Gravatt Theft. Three cards, chosen at random, are rapidly paired with their mates, elevating this previously drawn out but baffling stunt into the realm of the real world 'worker'.

Rarely do I find a strong effect achieved via the use of gaffed cards, which can be improved or even maintained, minus the gaffs. But in Passworthy Ian has done just that. His impromptu handling of a Tom Sellers item 'Three Cards Pass', originally required the use of three double backed cards and is every bit as good as the original. A very clever handling and well worth studying.

Finally, in Latitude 40, Ian provides a remarkably clean and sleight free method of allowing a spectator to find a selection by freely stabbing a card into the deck.

I am sure that any card man will enjoy reading this collection of Ian's latest efforts and will discover many things of interest. I certainly did!

1st edition 2015, 17 pages.
word count: 6233 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text