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Obscure Marlo
by Paul A. Lelekis


(3 reviews, 4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Obscure Marlo by Paul A. Lelekis

Six monster card effects that will fry magicians...and with a borrowed deck! Fool the "boys" at your next club meeting.

The enclosed effects and sleights are items from Marlo's repertoire that he would normally use to fool his world-class card buddies. These effects use only a regular deck and are brilliantly structured.


In this e-book:

1) A trick with no name - Marlo "fried" a roomful of the finest card magicians in the world with this. A card in a packet is only thought of by the spectator and its location. That very card then transports to the other packet at the same location. Sid Lorraine begged Marlo to NOT share this secret with the magic world. He didn't for 27 years.

2) The same secret as above is used for a Sweet Ace Assembly.

3) Paul provides another Assembly, again using the same sleight, to make the four Aces at the leader position, change into the four Kings. Then one of those Kings is laid on the table...and it changes to the Ace of Spades. Each of the top cards of the other three piles is turned up to show the other three Aces. The four Kings have vanished.

4) Poker Supreme - Marlo loved to use this routine on magicians. It is very easy to do, and there is only one (very easy) sleight involved. The Spectator picks his own hand as the performer explains how this Poker deal works and the spectator ends up a Royal Flush in Spades.

5) Without a Key Card - This self-working trick is based on an old mathematical principle. Marlo used it as an ESP effect. There is absolutely no "fishing".

6) Marlo's 21 Card Trick - Show people your version of the old 21 Card Trick. Take them on a fantastic journey that seems utterly impossible. Very easy to do...and lots of fun to perform. This routine is fantastic.

BONUS: Paul also provides a chapter called "Space, Time and Love" which is a collection of concepts, facts, and quotes that you can use in your routines. Make your magic and patter, pertinent, enthralling and even thrilling to your spectators.

"In typical Paul Lelekis fashion, he selects some of Marlo's forgotten gems! Paul has a gift for finding and creating superb useable material!" - Bob Solari

1st edition 2015, 16 pages.
word count: 7038 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christopher Weber (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 30 March, 2015

Another terrific e-book from Paul Lelekis. The effects in Obscure Marlo are all very direct and easily mastered by the average (that's me) magician. As with all of Paul's publications his explanations are excellent and easy to follow. His teaching style is very comfortable and the slights he teaches are presented and explained perfectly. I'm really enjoying working through "Obscure Marlo". The effects are all "workers" and the bonus presentational material will open the door to your own creative thinking and routines. Thanks Paul!

Reviewed by Roy Eidem
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 29 March, 2015

Truly "Marlo without Tears" as this is Marlo material within the grasp of this bar magician. Direct Magic with card magic easily executed and presented by card genius in our field. Paul is a worker's worker.

Reviewed by Enrico Varella
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 24 March, 2015

Hot on the heels of ‘The Art of Magical Entertainment’, Paul Lelekis publishes ‘Obscure Marlo’.

Those of the Marlovian card persuasion may embrace his prolific ideas, and ubiquitous variants, with enthusiasm. However, his works are still considered ‘obscure’ and ‘eccentric’ unless you spent time with the cardician at his Table in Chicago.

In this e-book, Lelekis demystifies Marlo and presents five main items, one of which has three routines in it. ‘The Switchless Switch’ is an easy sleight that allows you to ‘muck’ the packet. ‘The Poker Supreme’ allows you to explain how cheaters win in a hand of poker, with no need for challenging dealing. ‘Marlo’s 21-Card Trick’ uses a clever Marlo invention (often attributed to Vernon) to locate a selected card that transposes from one packet to the other two. ‘Without A Key Card’ uses a simple mathematical principle to locate a spectator’s card that he buried into the deck. ‘Space, Time and Love’ is a collection of scientific patter you can use in your pieces of strange with your pasteboards.

With my cards in hand, I tested out each effect and conclude that these are easy-to-do, cleverly-chosen, practical effects that Lelekis has tested out in the trenches. You may have to re-read some of his descriptions to grasp the relevance of the methods and applications; I did. Buy it, and use the ideas.