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Flash Magic by Ulysses Frederick Grant & B. W. McCarron

There are eight excellent effects in this updated ebook - plus a few variations - that you and your audiences will enjoy. Best of all, most can be made from materials found at discount and dollar stores. For example, Visible Silk Flight is a brilliant routine with a toy pop gun rifle and a colorful silk handkerchief that you can make up yourself. Just as good as a $150 dealer item. Or how about Lantern of the Air, a beautiful floating effect with a candle-lit Chinese paper lantern? You get two methods explained: one using an assistant and a second one for the one-person show. Or if it's comedy you're after, the Surprise Duck Trick includes a way to turn a novelty store item into a great production prop that's great for kid shows.


  • Introduction
  • A Chinese Holiday
  • The Phantom Goldfish
  • Inexhaustible Milk
  • Instant Milk in Reverse
  • Milk to Ink
  • Invisible Ink
  • Carnival Hat Load
  • Visible Silk Flight
  • Rainbow Fantasy
  • Lantern of the Air
  • Surprise Duck Trick
  • About the Authors
"The Phantom Goldfish effect explained in FLASH MAGIC will make any audience sit up and take notice. The next time someone accuses a friend of drinking like a fish, you'll be prepared!" - T. A. Whitney
1st edition 1935, PDF 23 pages.
word count: 6839 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text