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Instant Origami
by Robert Harbin & Ian Adair


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Instant Origami by Robert Harbin & Ian Adair

'Origami' is the Japanese name for paper folding. It is educational, skillful and certainly has beautiful results. As the folder smoothly bends and creases a piece of paper an intricate model materializes ... it's creative. Robert Harbin and Ian Adair have gone further. Instant Origami has the same pleasing result of origami folding but with an interesting magical theme. The beauty about the working is its simplicity.

EFFECT - The performer explains that he would like to show the spectators 'Origami', and explains that it is an art which is most relaxing and many thousands of models can be created by folding the papers. He displays five sheets of Origami paper, each of a different color and size. He asks a spectator to choose a number one to five. A small folded booklet is handed to the spectator so he can see which model he has selected against his chosen number.

  • No. 1. GREEN FROG
  • No. 3. BLUE BIRD
  • No.4. BLACK SEAL
  • No. 5. ORANGE FISH
Let us say in this instance No. 5. has been selected, so the orange paper is used. The Origami papers are folded within each other and are opened separately. They are refolded so they are once again nested. The performer makes 'folding motions' with his hands, over the stack of papers, giving the impression that he is folding a square of paper into a certain design. He opens the first outside sheet and asks the spectator to open the next one. Performer opens the third sheet and allows the spectator to open the fourth. There inside the fourth, is the orange paper, No.5. beautifully folded in the shape of a fish. Instant Origami indeed and an end product which you can hand to the spectator as a souvenir. Moreover, all the objects used in the performance can be thoroughly examined. There is nothing to find.

1st edition 1970, PDF 8 pages.
word count: 1364 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text