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Force Multiplier
by Unknown Mentalist


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Force Multiplier by Unknown Mentalist

Force Multiplier is a concept where multiple forces are applied to a routine or effect so that the overall impact gets exponentially bigger. So the result is far bigger than just the sum of individual parts. In a way, 2+2 does not remain 4 but becomes, say 20.

And this concept of Force Multiplier is used to create 3 effects that are propless, instant and impactful, at the same time. And you do not need anything at all to perform these effects. Just carry the simple and easy method in your head and you are set to perform these anytime, anywhere to anyone to stun and amaze. You can perform each of these 3 effects in less than a minute. And there is every danger of these becoming your 'go to' propless effects for impromptu situations.

Once you understand the core concepts, you can yourself create several such high-impact routines. These are completely propless and 100% surefire. The process is quick and organic. You can repeat these effects with different participants in a group or audience. There are no sleights, of course, no pre-show, no stooges, or instant stooges. No dual reality, no anagrams, no equivoque, no multiple outs, no one ahead, no reframes, and best of all the method is quick, easy to learn, and highly effective.

You can perform these effects in a virtual show, over a voice call, on a video call, in-person close-up situation, street, parlor etc.

1st edition 2021, PDF 14 pages.
word count: 2782 which is equivalent to 11 standard pages of text