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Thought Swiper
by Patrik Kuffs


(3 reviews, 12 customer ratings) ★★★★★

Thought Swiper by Patrik Kuffs

"Thought Swiper is fantastic! I wish I'd thought of this! There is no faster way to get to the thought-of card. Absolutely wonderful!" - Bob Farmer

"I think it's so damn clever and honestly I've been having so much fun with it. It's an amazing little device and once magicians find out about it will carry it with them at all times." - Paul Romhany

"Patrik abhors memory work and mental arithmetic on stage. In "Thought Swiper" a fiendishly clever print gimmick strips a powerful principle older than Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic (1876) of all its fussy calculations and memorization. The prop visually integrates all the salient technicalities, freeing the mind to sell the elegant effect." - Jan Bardi

"I have just 3 words to describe your Thought Swiper: Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!" - The Unknown Mentalist

A participant chooses a card (mentally) and keeps its identity secret. Guided by the magician's instructions, the person slides their finger on the row containing their card directly onto the Thought Swiper. As soon as this is done (almost) the magician is in a position to reveal the identity of the card. How is this possible?

Thanks to the Thought Swiper system, it is the participant himself (without knowing it) who transmits the identity of his card. The formula is simple to use and the participant does most of the work.

There is no forcing or psychological subterfuge or electronic gimmicks. The Thought Swiper uses a very simple, fast, and direct solution in order to determine a mentally chosen card. The "Think A Card" theme is finally accessible to everyone. Imagine the many possibilities!

Purchasing options explained:

  • gimmick + PDF: You will receive two Thought Swiper cards professionally printed. These cards are a bit larger than a poker-sized card (77 mm x 102 mm). Plus you will be able to download the PDF instructions.
  • PDF: You will be able to download the PDF instructions but no gimmick will be mailed to you. You will have to print out the Thought Swiper as shown in the PDF and make your own card.
  • gimmick: You will only receive two Thought Swiper cards, no instructions. This is meant for all those customers who have purchased the PDF only and who want to purchase the ready-made gimmick rather than construct it themselves.

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages.
word count: 1393 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Nique Tan
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 06 March, 2023

Reviewed by Michael Critchley (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 11 February, 2022

This is a phenomenal method and builds further on the shoulders of giants who are also credited. As a collector and performer of many different Thought of Card routines. I am already brimming with ideas for this. It can play very well with the Invisible Deck, however you can take this much further. I am considering using this with John Bannon's Paint it Blank and I also have a further idea for a Mystery card routine with an implied transposition. I am also considering using this a predicted thought of card effect that I perform by Max Maven, that includes divining the thought of card and then proving that you predicted the card that would be thought of ahead of time.

The method is very direct and fast to establish the thought of card, no excessive procedure - which is important for me and my performing style. so this works very well for me.

It's very well thought out in its method and even comes with a very nice presentation idea to justify the method.

Delighted with this and its something that you will definitely use.

Reviewed by Paul Romhany
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 03 November, 2021

Patrik Kuffs has created a remarkable system that enables you to know a thought-of card without any questions or fishing. This is a download that comes with written instructions and a PDF card you can print off. This double-sided card can be printed on any size card from a business card to a larger card. I would highly recommend laminating this because it is something you can take with you anywhere and will definitely want to use. What makes this so good is how easy it is to use and the presentation ideas he offers. Patrik even suggests printing this out and putting it on a playing card box. This is so smart because now you can do this anytime you bring out your deck.

There is really nothing to memorize as any of the necessary secret is built into the card so he's thought of everything. As soon as you read the instructions you can follow along with a card and will be impressed at how it works.

He includes a great routine where he combines The Invisible Deck with Thought Swiper. You introduce the deck and the Thought Swiper Card. By combining this you can now have them mentally think of any card and without even having them name their card you can take out the deck and show the only card in there is the one they were thinking of. Just one of the many ways you can use this killer little tool. If you print this on a sticker, as suggested, then you can have it on the box for The Invisible Deck and now it makes total sense saying the Thought Transmitter knows your card.

I'm actually going to print this out and stick it on the deck I use for Richard Sander's Any Card deck. It takes the trick to a higher level simply because at no time do they reveal their card - only at the very end prior to you showing the thought-of cards.

If you've ever wanted a method to find out a thought of card without electronic gimmicks and is 100% sure fire this is an incredible way to do it. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!