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Fortune: a fortune cookie effect
by Paul Valentine

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Fortune: a fortune cookie effect by Paul Valentine

Spectator is presented with a number of Fortune Cookies and is asked to select anyone they like, they can sign and date the cookie packaging. A deck of cards are mixed, then the spectator is asked to generate a random number by rolling 2 dice.

A number is settled on and they're asked to count down that many cards from the deck to a randomly selected card. The performer asks the spectator to open the Fortune Cookie and encourages them to read aloud the paper fortune inside, they turn over their selected card and it is found that both the paper fortune and card are a perfect match! Leaving the spectator thinking is it fate or just a coincidence?!

  • No Gimmicks
  • No Switching
  • Numerous Handlings and Possibilities
  • Spectator Handles Everything
  • Can Be Performed With A Borrowed Deck Of Cards
  • Contributions From The Creative Mind Of Rus Andrews

1st edition 2016, 15 pages + videos (YouTube + download from digital shelf)
word count: 3395 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text

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