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Practical Mental Effects

by Ted Annemann
#1 Magazines & Comics author
#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author

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Practical Mental Effects by Ted Annemann

Customer rank: +25

#3 in Mentalism & Spiritism bestsellers
#2 in Mentalism & Spiritism top-rank

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This book packs almost 200 mental miracles, many of which are creations of one of the masters of mental magic - Ted Annemann. You will find the best book tests, psychic codes, tricks with slates, blindfold reading, publicity effects, and much more. This book together with Annemann's Card Magic covers a good part of the famous Jinx magazine, of which Annemann was editor.

[Note that the softcover version is the D. Robbins reprint which has a different cover than shown here.]

1st edition, 1944, Holden's Magic Shop, New York; reprinted 1983 with new title "Practical Mental Magic", by Dover Publications, New York; 310 pages.

  1. Bert Reese Secrets
  2. Billet Switching
  3. A Question and the Answer
  4. The Al Baker 3 Billet Trick
  5. A Day in Your Life
  6. The Germain Gem
  7. Tervil
  8. Mental Hat Pin
  9. Devil Device
  10. The O. M. Billet Switching Box
  11. The Ghost of a Chance
  12. Crystal Clear
  13. Mindreading Publicity Effect
  14. News Event Prediction
  15. The Unknown Subject
  16. Publicity Stunt
  17. On the Wire
  18. Wired Thought
  19. The Impression Moderne
  20. A Cute Publicity Stunt
  21. Death Flight
  22. Impromptu Vision
  23. A Neat Publicity Trick
  24. Television Compact
  25. Graphology
  26. From Beyond the Grave
  27. Two Papers and a Spectator
  28. More Living Than Dead
  29. Dead or Alive
  30. The Secret
  31. Dr. Daley's Death Divination
  32. The Ghost Hand
  33. Dead!
  34. Hades Calling!
  35. Nyctalopia
  36. Entity Alone
  37. Between the Lines
  38. The Yogi Book Test
  39. The Perfect Book Test
  40. Whim of Tituba
  41. Dice and a Book
  42. The World on the Page
  43. Monk's Mystery
  44. The Double Ad Test
  45. Symmyst
  46. Behind That Door
  47. 20th Century Newspaper Test
  48. The Jaipur Jinnee
  49. 40,000 Words
  50. Another Dictionary Effect
  51. David P. Abbott's Book Test
  52. Pocket Prophecies
  53. Construction of the Annemann's Billet Index
  54. The Original Effect
  55. Lady and Gentleman
  56. The Omega Card Prophecy
  57. Orville Meyer's Twin Prediction
  58. The Improved Buckley Method
  59. Annemann's Ballot Box Divination
  60. Tomorrow's Card
  61. Sefalaljia
  62. Telethot
  63. The Astral Shirt
  64. Impromptu Frame-Ups
  65. The Phantom Artist
  66. Travel Thought
  67. Taps!
  68. Finger-Finger
  69. Lock and Key
  70. Telepathy on the Cuff
  71. Number Thot
  72. The New Half and Half
  73. Horrors
  74. Black Pin Idea
  75. Voodoo
  76. Encore Voodoo
  77. Krazy Kode
  78. Operator Calling
  79. Divination with Matches
  80. Calendar Conjuring
  81. Date Sense
  82. Shades of Sherlock Holmes
  83. Triumph of the Triumvirate
  84. Prophetic Tissue
  85. Ball of Fortune
  86. My Own Swami Test
  87. Triple Coercion
  88. Modernized Reading
  89. Pseudo-Psychometry
  90. Modernizing the "One Ahead" Principle
  91. An Original Faked Envelope
  92. Bluebeard's 7 Wenches
  93. Just and Echo
  94. Who Killed Mr. X?
  95. The Astral Ad
  96. Re-incarnation
  97. Prediction
  98. Dark Sorcery
  99. The Perfect Club Slate Routine
  100. Extra Sensory Perception
  101. Notaria
  102. A Torn Letter
  103. Headline Hunter
  104. Psychic Slate Test
  105. The Gysel Slate
  106. Before Your Eyes
  107. Walter Gibson's Method
  108. Phantom Hand
  109. Ultra Slate Message
  110. The Answer
  111. Never Fail
  112. Ultra Addition
  113. Sacred Script
  114. Tribal Try
  115. Duo Telepathy
  116. Slate Immortality
  117. Half and Half
  118. Numero
  119. The Super Slates
  120. Gabbatha
  121. Ghost Writer
  122. Nonpareil
  123. My Case
  124. 20th Century Slate Test
  125. The Schoolbag
  126. Knockout
  127. A Slate and a Number
  128. Ghost Writer
  129. Thought Rays
  130. Fatal Number
  131. Familiar Spirit
  132. The Psychic Slate
  133. A Thought-out Thought
  134. Psychic Type
  135. Mixed Mystery
  136. Chalk on Metal Slates Tip
  137. Controlled Currency
  138. A Mentalist with Money
  139. Dollar Bill Switch
  140. Mystic Perception
  141. Pay Day
  142. Numismatigic
  143. The Knickel of Kanadah
  144. Dates
  145. Duplex Date Reading
  146. Par-Optic Vision
  147. New Sheet Reading
  148. The Mystery of the Blackboard
  149. In the Mind
  150. With Sight Unseen
  151. Mephisto Thot
  152. Magic vs. Mentalism
  153. A Card to Be Thought About
  154. Mind or Muscle?
  155. Yggdrasil
  156. Secret Order of the Aces
  157. Parallel Thoughts
  158. Volition
  159. Waiting Place for Unknown Thoughts
  160. The Brain Wave Deck
  161. I'll Read Your Mind
  162. A Peculiar Happenstance
  163. You and Yours - Me and Mine
  164. Parade of the Lamas
  165. The Twin Princess
  166. Cherchez La Lady
  167. Open Minds
  168. Forced Prognostico
  169. The Dream of a Hermit
  170. Mystic Matching
  171. Mental Rescue
  172. Copy Cat
  173. Ghostatic Touch
  174. The Guidance of Fate
  175. Hypnosthesia
  176. Mental Numbers
  177. As in a Mirror Darkly
  178. New $1000 Test Card Location
  179. Utility Routine
  180. Only on Image
  181. Crystal-Viso
  182. "Before Your Eyes" Business Card
  183. Controlled Luck
  184. A Mental Test Revamped
  185. Diabolical Influence
  186. Weird Wire
  187. Thoughts in the Air
  188. The Eyes Have It
  189. A Practical Card Code
  190. Complete Silent Thought Transmission Act
  191. A New Method of Tabulation
  192. Moonlight Madness
  193. Hit Parade

word count: 159716 which is equivalent to 638 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Peter Turner
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 26 November, 2011

This book is a fantastic resource for anyone in the mentalism industry, I have been performing proffessionally for several years and a huge part of the way I perform is down to this book. I always reference this book everytime I think about creating a new effect, after what seems like a million times of reading the book I still find something new and interesting in here!

The material is often slated as being out of date, but take it from me when I say the material and principles are only a stones throw away from being rejuvinated and turning into clean mental miracles!

If you don't already have this in your collection, you need purchase it, lock yourself away into a room d study it and get out and try it!

Peter Turner

Reviewed by Feras A. Alkharboush (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 10 November, 2006

6$ .. and you get one of the best mentalism books out there.

This book is FILLED with material, which are all clever and practical.

It has sections on bullets, cards, large mental stunts, and lots of other categories. I highly recommend getting this book. The best mentalism book I have.

By the way, if you have the brainwave deck, this book will teach you killer routines with it. Plus, it will teach you how to make your own deck.

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