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by Ana Fox


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Foxtails by Ana Fox

Foxtails is the first ebook from female mentalist Ana Fox. In this eBook you will find 5 routines from her professional working repertoire. This material is intended for the intermediate mentalist, but don't let that dissuade you these are real gems!

From Aire Allegro's introduction:

It is an absolute pleasure to write an introduction for Ana. This eBook is going to be a great first stop of Ana’s journey and I predict great things for Ana in the very near future. The material within here is very simple; please do not let that put you off. Practicality is what it is important and reading these effects I can definitely promise you they will work.

Imagine asking a subject to choose any scrabble tile from a bag (they are verified to be all different). They use the letter they chose to make a drawing (in their mind alone). You can instantly duplicate the drawing every time.

An incredible card divination - the performer while faces away, the volunteer selects a card (never tells anyone the card), replaces the card and then puts the cards in his pocket. The performer can instantly divine the card!

An eerie PK routine where the performer writes on a notebook with a spectator by his side and on the other side of the stage silverware starts inexplicably moving. Everything is examined before and after the event and the spectator can keep the silverware as a souvenir.

A great two-phase routine where the performer not only finds amongst others the envelope that contains the name a spectator is thinking of but is also able to divine the name. This can be performed with borrowed envelopes and paper and in the end everything is examinable.


  • Copy Cat
  • PK Remote
  • Card Divination
  • Human Connection V1
  • ESP Now

1st edition 2012, 22 pages.
word count: 2649 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text