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Frank Garcia

Frank Garcia

(New York City, NY: 8th May 1927 - 15th July 1993)

Son of Spanish-born parents. Inspired at age 9 seeing David "Fú-Manchu" Bamberg show in NYC in 1937. Learned around age 11 by buying books (including Erdnase). Debut c1942. Pro since 1945. Worked at Holden's 1948-50, ending as manager. Billed as "The Man With The Million Dollar Hands". Invented Utilo Cup (1953). Joined the staff at Tannen's in late 1958.

Also noted expert on gambling cheating methods. Co-founder (with George Schindler) of the School for Magicians (in New York City) 1973-78.

Wrote Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls (1959, 14pp), Frank Garcia's Billiard Balls (1960, 23pp), Marked Cards and Loaded Dice (1962, 274pp), Million Dollar Card Secrets (1972, 128pp), Super Subtle Card Miracles (1973, 214pp), Million Dollar Card Secrets (1974, 96pp), All in a Nutshell (1974, 81pp; with French translation by G. Lammertijn, 45pp), Amedeo's Continental Magic (1974, 115pp, with George Schindler), Magic with Cards (1975, 175pp, with George Schindler; repr), The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic (1976, 224pp; German translation as Das Lexikon der Schaumgummibälle, 1976), Wild Card Miracles (1977, 147pp), Exclusive Card Miracles (1980, 76pp), Exclusive Card Secrets (1980, 80pp), etc. See Richard Vollmer, The Very Best of Frank Garcia (1979, in French). Tricks in Phoenix, New Phoenix, Hugard's Magic Monthly, Chronicles, Magic, etc. Did "New York News" column for Magic Manuscript. Videos (1983, 1985, 1986).

Coauthors: George Schindler

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Frank Garcia
Wildcard Miracles by Frank Garcia

The first and most exceptional definitive study ever written on the Wild Card.

The classic miracle of the century and forerunner of all packet tricks is the Wild Card. Many of the routines have been closely guarded and found print for the very first time in this publication. Within the confines of these covers you will find revolutionary new routines, ideas and show stopping effects which are diabolically different, superbly written and magnificently illustrated.

When Frank Garcia speaks, all magicians listen. When Frank Garcia writes, everyone reads his books. When they see Frank Garcia...

★★★★★ $8
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Frank Garcia
Billiard Balls by Frank Garcia

There has always been a shortage of books on billiard ball routines, but here is one on that subject you will enjoy using. Not only has Garcia set forth many facets of ball material, but they are clearly and beautifully illustrated by Harvan, who is an excellent manipulator himself. The material on routining is followed by handling of the ball and shell, then a Master Routine, The One to Five Slow Motion Production, Bilious Balls, Strictly One Hand, One to Four With Solid Balls, Advice and Thoughts on Balls, Simple Golf Ball Routine, all very well explained. Many illustrations.

1st edition...

★★★★ $8.95
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)