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Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls
by Frank Garcia

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Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls by Frank Garcia

The sponge ball routine, in the hands of a capable performer, is one of the most astounding feats one can do, as the magic happens in the hands of a spectator. Garcia's routines are among the best of the best. Illustrated by Harvan with 17 drawings to show you how to master the routines and moves.

The booklet includes The First Routine, Lesson in Misdirection with the Magic Count, Garcia's Krazee Sponges, Perfect Sponge Vanish, Basic Routine for Beginners, Color Change Routine, Square and Cube Routine, plus suggestions by a working pro.

Here's your chance to add new moves, ideas and suggestions to your close-up routine.

"Nothing finer than these five superb routines. They are the last word in entertainment and misdirection." - Mitch Kanter

"Valuable information." - John Braun

"Having seen Frank Garcia perform these routines, I can highly recommend them. Frank has developed these routines over a period of years, and they are the last word in misdirection and entertainment." - J. G. Thompson, Jr.

1st edition ~1959, PDF 26 pages.
word count: 7065 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text