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Free Audio and Audio-books in MP3

Magic Enhancer Explanation    ⇒ Magic Enhancer list of MP3s
The Magic Enhancer CD is a cool product which will help you create a professional show. We offer at track packages to allow you to pick and choose what you want. This explanation track also gives you an idea about the main voice featured in many tracks. Download Magic Enhancer 1: Explanation (~3.9 MByte). You can find all the track packages and other MP3 files in the section Magic/-Audio-

Magic Enhancer 2    ⇒ Magic Enhancer 2
This intro track gives you an idea about the main speaker voice. Download Magic Enhancer 2: Introduction (~3.5 MByte).

Memoirs of Robert-Houdin Chapter 1    ⇒ Memoirs of Robert-Houdin full ebook
We are experimenting with audio-books. Not all, but some of the ebooks we offer would make great audio-books. With the popularity of iPods and other MP3 players it becomes very convenient to listen to audio-books. Please let us know which ebooks you would like to see as audio-books. Download Chapter 1 (~2.5 MByte).

Day for Date practice files
If you are practicing a 'day for a date' system you should take a look at these ( audio files which allow you to practice your system. You hear first a date, then a pause, and then the weekday. And if you use your random shuffle on your iPod you can walk around and practice at the same time. It will not tell you how to do it but it is a great practicing tool. (If you prefer a practicing software then check out ForeDate.)

Free Software

Werner Miller developed a neat little software to help magicians analyse certain card tricks, modify them and potentially even invent new card tricks. This software simulates shuffling procedures as well as cutting a deck, reverse counting, elimination, etc. You will need to be familiar with "Faro Shuffle", "Reverse Faro", "Monge Shuffle" a.s.o. to meaningfully use this software. The software comes free of charge and with no warranties, guarantees or support. It was tested on Windows XP but should run on other Windows varieties. No installation necessary. Just unzip and run the executable. We have an English Version and a German Version available. Try it out. Very useful if you are into creating your own card effects.

Birthday Square
This windows software constructs a 5x5 magic square for any given age from 4-99. The age will occupy the center square and the sum of the square will be the birth year. Birthday Square

Free Articles

Pros and Cons of Ebooks
This article describes the various features and differences of books and ebooks and discusses likely future developments: Pros and Cons of Ebooks

Why Why Ebooks?
Dustin Stinett, reviewer at Genii magazine and frequent poster at the Genii forum, writes about his thoughts and feelings on ebooks and Why Why Ebooks?

What are the best magic books for beginners?
I focus on the areas of cards, coins, mentalism, theory and general references: What are the best magic books for beginners?

How to make your own custom playing cards?
I have spent many years researching, testing, and refining various techniques to make playing cards. A lot of what I have figured out I have made freely available: How To Make Your Own Playing Cards. A much shorter article was written by Ray Haddad for GeMiNi, the now defunct Joe Stevens and Pat Hennessy BBS system, on a process he uses to make custom playing cards: Custom Cards Made Easy

Article about in MIT Sloan News
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