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Freezer Burn
by Chris Lafferty


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Freezer Burn by Chris Lafferty

The beautiful thing about the effects presented within this ebook is that they are very low-tech. While the current trend in magic with ice may be to use some sort of gelling agent to give the illusion of ice, all of the effects in this ebook end with the production of real ice which can be examined.

  • Chill: The performer asks to borrow a sip of water. The spectator offers up her glass or bottle of water, and the performer pours a little into his cupped hand. Hmm. He then closes his fingers around the puddle and blows on his hand. Opening it, the spectator see’s that the ‘sip’ of water has frozen into a solid piece of ice.
  • Igloo: The close up adventurer has a card selected and examined. He offers a demonstration of 'temperature transference'. He folds the selection into quarters, squeezes it for a few seconds and drops it into a nearby glass of water. As soon as it hits the water, it freezes some of the water around it, encasing the card in a small block of ice. All can be examined.
  • Freezer Burn: The performer tears a piece of his spectator’s napkin away. He encourages her to light up her cigarette lighter, and to keep it burning. He touches the tissue to the flame, whereupon it bursts into flames. He tosses the ball of fire at his other hand, which is wide open. As he catches the white hot flash and it burns down, a small piece of ice is seen to form from the flames.
  • Freezer Burn V2: This effect is the same as above, the production of ice from fire; however, the method and the style of production are quite different. Either one of the ‘Burn effects can work as a very effective ‘encore’ to the other. Where this production differs is, there is no ‘toss’ of the flash paper. Rather, it is placed over the fist. As it burns, the ice is seen to mysteriously form from the flames.
  • Slammer: The Magician offers a demonstration of the bizarre...He fills a shot glass with water. He tests the temperature of it and proceeds...He sways the glass...a little water splashes from the top. It soon stops. As the swaying comes to a stop, it is seen that the water has solidified into a ice, completely frozen In the glass. The glass, the ice and the performers hands can be examined.

"Igloo is just so incredibly's worth the price of the PDF. Chris is a very creative person and this material is pure gold." - Doug Sewell

"Overall, I give Freezer Burn by Chris Lafferty an 8/10. These are some very powerful quickie effects, and the concept of effects using ice creates inherent visual beauty." - Micheal Kras

"This is a great little manuscript, it contains 5 solid pieces that are on the whole very simple, direct, visual, and easy to perform. I'm glad that it uses actual ice, as I feel if you're gonna be turning water into ice, it's nice to be able to let others see for themselves that ice is what it truly is." - Y2John

1st edition 2008; 19 pages.
word count: 5207 which is equivalent to 20 standard pages of text