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by Nefesch

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Glastion by Nefesch

This is probably the most visual signed card at impossible location effect available today. The spectator's signed card penetrates a borrowed and sealed bottle.

  • The bottle can be borrowed and is completely ungimmicked
  • The signature that appears on the card inside the bottle is the signature of the spectator
  • It can be a drawing or a signature - anything
  • The card in the bottle is the card the spectator signs - no duplicate or switch.
A deck of cards is introduced and a card is selected and signed across it's face. This is then replaced back into the deck and the deck is shuffled by the spectator. The magician takes two rubber bands from his pocket and asks the spectator to wrap them around the deck so he can't do anything sneaky with it. The magician then shows the glass bottle around on all sides and removes any large labels so you can see right through the bottle. Then the rubber bands are given back to the magician and the spectator holds the deck ready to throw it at the bottle. The magician holds the bottle with one hand on top of the bottle and one hand at the bottom. The spectator then throws the cards at the bottle and the magician 'catches' one of the cards IN THE BOTTLE! Inside the bottle the signed selection is immediately seen swirling around, the bottle still being sealed, of course!

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