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Further Exclusive Magical Secrets
by Will Goldston

#3 Illusions, Escape & Stage author

(4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Further Exclusive Magical Secrets by Will Goldston

This is the third volume in the famous series of locked books by Will Goldston.

1st edition 1927; original 362 pages; PDF 198 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. WILL GOLDSTON An Appreciation
  3. Introduction

    Part I. Pocket Tricks

  4. Shooting at a Match
  5. A Different Cigarette Paper Trick
  6. A Puzzle Box
  7. A Pliable Cigarette
  8. The Magnetic Thimbles
  9. A New Cut String Restored
  10. The Penny and the Pear
  11. The Changing Match Boxes
  12. The Coin Finder
  13. Goldin's Mysterious Rods
  14. Novel Thought Transference
  15. A String Problem

    Part II. Sleight-of-Hand Pocket Tricks

  16. G. W. Hunter
  17. The Magnetic Match-box
  18. Pushing a Lighted Cigarette through a Handkerchief
  19. The Money Changer
  20. The Acrobatic Cigarette
  21. The Geddes Axe
  22. The Ring and the String
  23. The Ring and the Handkerchief
  24. The Release
  25. The Ring on the Cord

    Part III. Card Tricks

  26. A Trick Frame
  27. Malini's Best Card Trick
  28. A Novel Method for the Rising Cards
  29. The New Rising Cards
  30. A Novel Side Table

    Part IV. Platform and Small Stage Tricks

  31. Six Bouquets from One
  32. The Changing Blocks
  33. Live Birds from a Hat
  34. A New Vanish for a Coin or Card
  35. The Changing Cotton Reels
  36. Karnac's Floating Ball
  37. De Biere's Floating Ball
  38. A New Inexhaustible Box
  39. A New Handkerchief Production
  40. Stuart Luciene's Thought Reading Telegraph
  41. The Straw Hat Table
  42. The Changing Dorothy Bag
  43. A New Egg Trick
  44. The Pierced Hand
  45. The Magical Appearance of a Canary

    Part V. Tips and Improvements

  46. An Improved Hat Production
  47. A Glass of Water and a Hat
  48. The New Egg Production Bag
  49. A Bouquet from a Candle
  50. A New Vanishing Wand
  51. The Flying Alarm Clock
  52. The Comedy Growth of a Giant Plant
  53. Another Trick Envelope
  54. The Magic Kettle
  55. The Message in the Crystal
  56. The Hat and the Die
  57. The Newest Bran Glass
  58. The New Obedient Ball
  59. The Ivory Pillars
  60. The Cut and Restored String
  61. An Improved Version of the Hercules Pillars
  62. A Spirit Slate
  63. A New Torn and Restored Strip of Paper
  64. The Proudlock Card Fan
  65. A Novel Production Trick
  66. A Four-Suit Changing Card
  67. A Portable Conjuring Table
  68. Some Novel Black Art Tables
  69. The Possibilities of a Black Art Table
  70. The Latest Production Table
  71. A New Production Tube
  72. A Novel Card Discovery
  73. The Educated and Obedient Cards
  74. Clay Modelling
  75. A Small Production Box

    Part VI. Carl Hertz Section

  76. The Carl Hertz Bird Cage
  77. The Carl Hertz Egg Bag
  78. Norman Section
  79. A New Coin Stand
  80. The Norman Vanishing Die
  81. A Quick Change
  82. The Sympathetic Blocks

    Part VII. Jeans Section

  83. The Life Story of Jeans, Inventor and Magician
  84. A Novel Coin Production
  85. The New Thimble Rigging
  86. New Flower Production from a Soup-Plate
  87. The Triple Rising Card Trick
  88. The Death of Cora Illusion
  89. The Swing of the Pendulum

    Part VIII. Spiritualistic Tricks

  90. Spirit Manifestations
  91. Table Tilting
  92. The Levitation of a Small Table
  93. The Medium's Box

    Part IX. Optical Illusions

  94. The Lady Bird
  95. Help Yourself!
  96. The Crystal of Damascus
  97. The Mongolian Miracle
  98. Diminuendo

    Part X. Escapes Section

  99. Houdini's Secret Belt
  100. Escape from a Packing-Case
  101. The Milk Can Escape
  102. Houdini's Milk Can Escape
  103. Sensational Strait-Jacket Escape
  104. Sack Escape Mystery
  105. Sensational Escape Board
  106. The Box Trick
  107. The Dynamo Illusion

    Part XI. Stage and Side-Show Illusions

  108. The Dog Kennel Illusion
  109. The Fakir's Ordeal
  110. The Window of the Haunted House
  111. The Chocolate Soldier
  112. The Beheaded Chinaman
  113. The Glass Shelf Illusion
  114. A Mid-air Vanish

  115. Final Notes

word count: 46740 which is equivalent to 186 standard pages of text