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More Exclusive Magical Secrets
by Will Goldston


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More Exclusive Magical Secrets by Will Goldston

This is the second volume in the famous series of locked books by Will Goldston.

1st edition 1921; original 492 pages; PDF 275 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction to "More Exclusive Magical Secrets."

    Part I. Pocket Tricks

  3. The Cut String Restored
  4. A Cigarette Trick
  5. The Improved Chinese Bat
  6. The Mysterious Coins
  7. The Travelling Handkerchief
  8. An Easy Way of Making Money
  9. The Elusive Scent Bottle
  10. The Cigarette Vanisher
  11. The Magical Knife
  12. The Mallet
  13. Think of a Card
  14. Will Goldston's Disappearing Knot
  15. The Missing Money
  16. The Match Through the Tube
  17. The Conjurer's Will Power

    Part II. Small Apparatus Tricks

  18. Swallowing Money
  19. The Limit
  20. A Clean Vanish of a Handkerchief from a Tumbler
  21. The Watch and the Card
  22. Cigarettes from the Air
  23. A Novel Hat Loader
  24. The Thought Reader's Box
  25. A New Card Box
  26. A Card Easel
  27. The Ubiquitous Rabbit
  28. The New Coin Catcher
  29. The Orange Box
  30. The Ball and the Hoop
  31. The Thumb Tie
  32. Another Method
  33. The Latest Fire Bowl

    Part III. Anti-Spiritualistic Tricks

  34. The Unseen Force
  35. Reading Sealed Messages
  36. The Mysterious Message
  37. An Easy Force
  38. For the Anti-Spiritualist
  39. The Sealed Book
  40. The Talking Skull
  41. A New Spirit Slate
  42. A Novel Tapping Hand
  43. A Spirit Rapping Table
  44. Raps from any Table
  45. The Crystal "Evulgograph"
  46. The Spirit Cabinet
  47. The Latest Spirit Manifestations

    Part IV. Platform and Stage Tricks

  48. The Lost Watch
  49. The Watch and the Nest of Boxes
  50. The Clock Trick
  51. A New Vanishing Cage
  52. The Travelling Doves
  53. The Flying Goldfish
  54. The Production of a Butterfly
  55. Novel Production of Two Plants
  56. The Floating Skull
  57. A Good Shot
  58. The Magician-Artiste
  59. Production of a Large Silver Teapot
  60. A New Table for the Glass of Water Through a Hat
  61. New Piston for the Glass of Water Through Hat Trick
  62. A Glass of Water on a Tray Passes Through the Crown of a Hat
  63. A Vanishing Lamp
  64. The Latest Rising Card
  65. The "Soo" Rising Cards
  66. "The" Rising Cards
  67. Method for Houlette on a Tray
  68. The Penetrating Ink
  69. The Magical Bowl of Ink
  70. How to be a Lightning Artiste
  71. A New Card Frame

    Part V. Elaborate Stage Tricks

  72. Air Balloons from an Empty Hat
  73. A Different Floating Ball
  74. The Impossible?
  75. The Ducks and Cage
  76. The Obedient Ball
  77. A Barrel of Wine

    Part VI. Chinese Tricks

  78. Harness and a Self-Releasing Hook
  79. Production of a Box Containing a Boy
  80. Harness for a Very Large Vase or Jar
  81. Production of Bowls Through the Robe
  82. Production of a Kennel with a Live Dog
  83. Production of a Pagoda Six Feet High
  84. Production of a Basket of Flowers with a Fountain in the Centre
  85. The Water Trick
  86. Two Production Boxes
  87. The Invisible Journey of a Dove
  88. The Mandarin's Dream
  89. A New Transformation

    Part VII. Valuable Tips and Advice

  90. A Tip for Billiard Ball Manipulators
  91. A Stand for the Production of Six Billiard Balls
  92. A New Conjuring Table
  93. A New Table
  94. A Good Table Stand
  95. A Safe Fire Bowl
  96. The Best Force for a Card
  97. An Electric Flash
  98. An Instantaneous Flash
  99. A Useful Card Stand
  100. Thayer's Improved Handkerchief Frame
  101. The Self-actuating Fountain
  102. A New Tumbler for the Wine and Water Trick
  103. A Piston Water Table
  104. The Best Piston
  105. Dolls from a Hat
  106. The Best Load for a Drum
  107. The Newest Rising Wand
  108. Two Plants from an Umbrella
  109. Two Dodges for the Rising Cards
  110. "The" Changing Tray
  111. A Quick Change
  112. A New Marked Pack
  113. The Crystal Die Casket
  114. A Newspaper Servante
  115. The Best Method for the Soup Plates
  116. The New Inexhaustible Box
  117. A Box to Hold Bottles
  118. Okito's Chair Servante
  119. "The" Servante
  120. Okito's Lighted Candle from the Pocket
  121. The Plant and the Candle
  122. From a Candle to a Bouquet
  123. The Penny and the Orange

    Part VIII. Comedy Tricks

  124. The Loaf and the Baby
  125. The "D.A.D." Trick
  126. The Three-Legged Manxman
  127. A Comedy Illusion
  128. The Contortionist
  129. Feats of a Strong Man
  130. The Smoke Trick
  131. A Garden in the Hand
  132. A Fish Supper
  133. Plate Spinning Made Easy
  134. A Shower of Carrots
  135. A Sweeping Change
  136. A Hat Joke
  137. The Giant Note

    Part IX. Illusions

  138. The Shadowgraph Illusion
  139. Swallowing the Barrel of Water
  140. A Perfect Packing Case Mystery
  141. The Girl in the Box
  142. A Comedy Illusion
  143. The Elements
  144. The Canvas Cabinet
  145. An Escape from an Iron Cage
  146. The Hammock Illusion
  147. The Aerial Lady
  148. The Mermaid Illusion
  149. The Lady and the Dominoes
  150. The Crematorium Illusion
  151. The Veiled Lady
  152. The Goddess of Wine
  153. The Dream of Wealth
  154. The Country Girl
  155. The Crystal Casket Illusion
  156. The Fire Balloon Illusion
  157. The Victory Illusion
  158. The Mystery of Tangier
  159. The Oyster Shell Illusion
  160. An Escape from a Box and Cabinet
  161. The Production of a Cage with a Woman inside it in a small Curtained Cabinet
  162. Chefalo's Cabinet
  163. The Lady Bird
  164. The In-and-Out Cabinet
  165. The Arbour and Hammock Illusion
  166. The Iron Chest Production
  167. The Die Box on a Large Scale
  168. The Latest Levitation
  169. An Escape in Mid-Air
  170. Watch Her Go!
  171. Gone? Where?

    Part X. Automata and Ventriloquial

  172. A New Face for a Figure
  173. A Novel Figure
  174. A Nursemaid Figure
  175. The Walking Figure
  176. A Good Head
  177. The Sketching Automaton

  178. Final Notes

word count: 61322 which is equivalent to 245 standard pages of text