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Tricks and Illusions
by Will Goldston


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Tricks and Illusions by Will Goldston

This book has an excellent illusion section, a decent chapter about escape artistry and also a fairly large trick section with all kinds of routines with cards, silks, ... The really good part are the illusions. You will find several clever ideas. Will Goldston was himself a craftsman and illusion builder. He can therefore write with authority.

1st edition, 1908?, George Routledge & Sons, London; 259 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. New Card Catching on Plate
  3. The Floating Disc Mystery
  4. The Devo Torn Card
  5. The Hildyard Target and Cage Illusion
  6. The Handkerchief and Sword
  7. A Dancing Doll
  8. Two Good Bird Cages
  9. The Devo Card Trick
  10. The Burnt Handkerchief Restored
  11. The Candle and Handkerchief Illusion
  12. The Chameleon Handkerchiefs
  13. The Mahatma Card Divination Illusion
  14. The Wedding Ring Passed Through a Handkerchief
  15. The Magic Cone
  16. The Pistol to Vanish Cards
  17. The "Sybil" Bird Cage Illusion
  18. The Mahatma Paper and Cigar Trick
  19. The Vanishing Bird Cage
  20. Novel Flag and Candle Illusion
  21. Crystal Box and Handkerchiefs
  22. The Vanishing Canaries and Cage Trick
  23. Another Canary Cage
  24. A Good Coin Illusion
  25. Novel Flag or Handkerchief Trick
  26. The Chinese Egg Bag Trick
  27. Card and Bouquet Illusion
  28. The Mystic Travelling Ring
  29. An Improved Organ Pipe Production
  30. Canary Bird Trick
  31. New Multiplying and Disappearing Coins
  32. The Nelson Downs Coin and Scale Effect
  33. The Lee Bullet Illusion
  34. Cards, Coins, and Glass Illusion
  35. The Sybil Key Mystery
  36. An Improved Torn Card Trick
  37. A New Coin Frame
  38. A Sensational Card Trick
  39. The Adrian Plate Changing Billiard Ball and Handkerchief
  40. The Robertson-Keene Novel Cabinet
  41. The Duplex Flower Pot Illusion
  42. The Tricolour Flower Basket
  43. Effective Coin Vanish
  44. Indian Jugglery
  45. Coloured Sands of Enchantment
  46. New Programme, Ring, and Envelopes Trick
  47. Spirit Writing
  48. The Mystic Celery Glass
  49. A Novel Trick
  50. The Wine Bottle and Card Trick
  51. A Novel Slate Trick
  52. A Neat Handkerchief Trick
  53. The Egg, Card, and Wand Balance
  54. The Table Lifting
  55. A Good Slate Trick
  56. Slate Writing
  57. The Novel Jug and Tub
  58. Wonderful Walking Egg
  59. Twenty-Five Balloons Produced from Hat
  60. Mystic Canister and Birdcage
  61. Handkerchiefs Produced from Glass
  62. The Egg and Straw Balance
  63. Handkerchief Spinning Trick
  64. The Candle and Mystic Bouquet
  65. A Good Glass Bowl Trick
  66. Billiard Balls and Cue
  67. Tao-Li-Tao
  68. The Marvellous Clock Dial
  69. The Duck Cylinder
  70. The Secret of Paper Tearing Trick
  71. The Vest Servante
  72. Lifting a Bowl of Water
  73. The Vanishing Halfpence
  74. The Flying Coin
  75. The Penny Through the Hat
  76. The Coin in the Bottle
  77. The Improved Servante Tray
  78. Improved Vanishing Glass Tumbler
  79. Vanishing Handkerchief Produced Dry from a Glass of Wine
  80. The Hypnotized Wand
  81. The Four Sympathetic Lady Friends
  82. The Card and Cigarette Trick
  83. The Milk, Wine, and Flag Mystery
  84. The Three Wonderful Cards
  85. The New Card Trick
  86. Dr. Elliot's Method of Dealing Seconds
  87. A Novel Flower Fêke
  88. Sack Trick
  89. The Mokana Shoe
  90. A Manacle Mystery
  91. The Bean Handcuff Trick
  92. The Figure 8 Handcuff Trick
  93. A Handcuff Trick for Test Work
  94. The "Bean Giant" Cuff
  95. Latest and Best Fêkes to Open Regulation Handcuffs and Leg-Irons
  96. How to Fêke Ordinary Handcuffs
  97. The Celebrated Trick Collar and Bolt
  98. A New Regulation Police Cuff
  99. Escape from Zinc Lined Barrel
  100. The Handy Pocket Fêke for Regulation Irons
  101. New and Improved Fêke
  102. Original Packing Case Mystery
  103. Escape from Packing-Case made by Local Carpenter
  104. How to Open Handcuff Without a Key
  105. The Rope Trick
  106. The Goldston Packing-Case
  107. The Barrel Illusion
  108. The Escape from the Iron Trunk
  109. Escape from Milk Can Securely Padlocked, Containing Three Parts Water
  110. Improved Iron Cage
  111. The Improved Packing Case Mystery
  112. The Mysterious Cross
  113. The Vanishing Performer Trick
  114. Queen of Knives
  115. The Bodiless Lady Illusion
  116. The Ball and Plank Mystery
  117. The Pillory Illusion
  118. Silent Second-Sight Act
  119. The Astounding Cremation Illusion
  120. The Escape from "Sing-Sing"
  121. The Stroubeika Illusion
  122. The Talking Skull
  123. The Morrit Cage Illusion
  124. The "Goldston Aga" Illusion
  125. The Laurie Cabinet Illusion
  126. Famous Ducks and Tub Illusion
  127. An Instantaneous Exchange
  128. The Lady and Scale Illusion
  129. A Good Cage Illusion
  130. Improved Vanishing Lady and Cage Illusion
  131. The Hewes Levitation
  132. A Novel Box Trick
  133. The Mysterious Head Illusion
  134. A Great Levitation
  135. The New Tub and Paper Bag Illusion
  136. The Artist's Dream
  137. The "Bungalow" Illusion
  138. The Sudden Appearance of a Lady in an Empty Box
  139. The Mystery of L'Hassa
  140. The Flower Maiden Illusion
  141. The Latest Plant Growing Mystery
  142. The Magic Kettle to Hold Liquor
  143. The Real "Aga" Illusion
  144. Where, Oh! Where Have They Gone?
  145. The Vase of Ink and Gold Fish Illusion
  146. The Birth of Flora
  147. Dematerialization
  148. A Variation
  149. Conradi's Mysterium
  150. A New Card Stunt
  151. A New Knotted Handkerchief
  152. The Problem of a Glass of Water
  153. The Flying Handkerchief
  154. The New Cut and Restored Ribbon
  155. The Best Method for Loading a Tambourine
  156. Quantities of Coins produced by the Handful from Two Hats

word count: 48915 which is equivalent to 195 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Don Jarrard (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Friday 19 August, 2022

Mostly illusions covered in other old books. There are some winners like the escape ideas not taught by Abbottsmagic. Most illusions you will not build. Same with the small stuff. You will find a few tricks to use. For the price not bad.