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Gambling and Gambling Devices
by John Philip Quinn

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Gambling and Gambling Devices by John Philip Quinn

Being a complete systematic educational exposition designed to instruct the youth of the world to avoid all forms of gambling.

This is a classic of gambling literature. It describes the implements and devices used by crooked gamblers and gambling establishments to fleece the unwary.

Excerpt from the Preface:

For a quarter of a century the author witnessed and practiced every variety of gambling known to the profession. The next quarter of a century he has devoted to exposing the frauds of the gambler. Starting out in the lecture field, he realized his efforts would be futile unless he could show the public in a practical form the evil attached to gambling, to accomplish which he took machinery captured from the gamblers and thereby succeeded in saving thousands of young men from gambling.

  • Preface
  • A Brief Sketch Of The Author
  • The Three Stages Of A Gambler's Life
  • Poker
  • Holding Out
  • Shiners
  • Stud Poker
  • Faro
  • Rouge Et Noir; Or, Red And Black
  • Diana Game
  • Three Card Monte
  • Tipping The Hand
  • Roulette
  • Social Card Playing: The Kindergarten To The Gambling Hell
  • The Upward Way
  • The Downward Way
  • Gambling At Wiesbaden
  • Wheel Of Fortune Or Chuck-A-Luck
  • Monte Carlo Pool
  • The Stock Exchange
  • Bucket Shops
  • Policy
  • The Gambler's Wife
  • Dice And The Dice Box
  • The New Mathematical Block Game; Or, Rolling Log
  • Die Pins
  • Star Pointer
  • The Striker
  • Drop Cases
  • Fish Pond
  • Single Arrow Chuck-A-Luck Spindle And Table Layout
  • New Idea Cigar Machine
  • Gravitation Ball Game
  • Cane Rack
  • The O'leary Belt
  • Shell Game
  • Tivoli Or Bagatelle
  • The Jenny Wheel
  • Bee Hive
  • Squeeze Spindle
  • Needle Wheel
  • Corona Or Mascot
  • Box And Balls
  • The Swinging Ball
  • "Dollar Store" Or "Drop Case"
  • Keno
  • The Gambler's Luck
  • Monte Carlo: The Devil's University
  • Questions
  • The Race-Track: A National Vice
  • The Manila
  • The Little Dream
  • Hy-Lo Card Machine
  • The Jockey
  • The Commercial
  • Owl And Judge Twins
  • The Little Gem
  • Roulette
  • Little Monte Carlo
  • The Little Brownie
  • The Liberty Bell
  • The Totem Gum Vender
  • The New Automatic Gum Vender
  • New Gum Vender With The Premium Fortune Telling Feature
  • O. K. Gum Vender
  • The National
  • Ben Franklin
  • The Dewey
  • Little Big Six
  • 20th Century
  • The Owl
  • The Umpire
  • Reward Paying Punching Bag
  • The Silver Cup
  • Royal Jumbo: Or, King Fraud
  • "No-Gaming" Sign
  • The Yankee
  • Game Cards
  • Punch Boards
  • The Gambler's Child
  • Don't
  • Chicago
  • The Pocket Drop Case
  • The Chicago Country Store Wheel
  • Card Dice
  • American Hazard
  • The Roulette "Big Six" Trade Machine And Paddle Wheel, With Layout
  • The Gold Brick Fraud: True Stories From Life
  • China
  • New York: The Paradise Of Gamblers
  • The Mighty Dollar
  • To The Dollar
  • The Dollar Does The Business Every Time
  • Arraignment Of Gambling In Its Moral Aspects (Abridged)
  • What The Press Says
  • What Others Say
  • Lectures And Moving Picture Films

1st edition 1912, 308 pages; PDF 281 pages.
word count: 98302 which is equivalent to 393 standard pages of text