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Games of Skill and Conjuring
by unknown

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Games of Skill and Conjuring by unknown

Instructions for games, magic tricks, model building, giving shows, and more.

  • Games Of Skill
    • Draughts
      • Laws Of The Game
      • Games For Practice
      • Concluding Observations
    • Dominoes
    • Chess
      • The Chess-Board And Chessmen
      • Value And Moves Of The Pieces
      • Laws Of Chess
      • Technical Terms Used In Chess
      • Opening The Game
      • Games For Practice
      • General Observations
      • Conclusion
    • Morrice
    • Fox And Geese
  • Conjuring
    • Legerdemain And Simple Deceptions
    • To Lift A Bottle With A Straw
    • The Tobacco Pipe Jug Stand
    • To Break A Stick Placed On Two Glasses
    • The Bottle Conjuror
    • The Mysterious Wafers
    • Advantageous Wager
    • The Balanced Stick
    • The Little Tumbler
    • The Little Balancer
    • To Fix A Coin To The Wall
    • Eatable Candle Ends
    • The Animated Sixpence
    • The Floating Beacon
    • The Magic Apple
    • The Sentinel Egg
    • To Melt Lead In A Piece Of Paper
    • The Dancing Pea
    • Magical Cards
    • To Support A Pail Of Water By A Stick, Only Half Of Which, Or Less, Rests Upon The Table
    • To Make A Shilling Turn On Its Edge On The Point Of A Needle
    • The Impossible Omelet
    • To Turn A Goblet Of Water Upside Down, And Yet Keep The Water In It
    • To Take A Shilling Out Of A Handkerchief
    • A Good Catch
    • The Three Spoons
    • Bridge Of Knives
    • The Magic Circle
    • The Juggler’s Joke
    • The Glass Of Wine Under The Hat
  • Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus
    • The Hen And Egg Bag
    • Amputation Extraordinary
    • The Globe Box
    • The Barber’s Pole
    • The Egg-Box
    • The Bottle Imps
    • The Doll Trick
    • The Magic Book
    • The Rice Trick
  • Tricks With Cards
    • Forcing Or Making A Pass
    • Ups And Downs
    • A Certain Number Of Cards Being Shown To A Person, To Guess That Which He Has Thought Of
    • To Tell The Number Of Cards By The Weight
    • Ten Cards Being Arranged In A Circle, To Tell That Which Any One Thought Of
    • The Four Accomplices
    • The Noted Card Named
    • The Regal Alliance
    • The Odd Ten
    • The Queens Going In Search Of Diamonds
    • The Knaves And The Constable
    • The Painted Pack
    • To Hold Four Kings Or Four Knaves In Your Hand, And To Change Them Suddenly Into Blank Cards, And Then Into Four Aces
    • The Fifteen Thousand Livres
    • Several Cards Being Presented In Succession To Several Persons, To Guess Which Each Has Thought Of
    • The Card Discovered By The Touch Or Smell
    • The Card In The Nut
  • Boat Building
  • Modelling
    • Card-Board Work
    • Plaster Casts
    • Vegetable Carving
  • The Deaf And Dumb Alphabet
  • The Riddler
    • Enigmas
    • Charades
    • Conundrums
  • Acting Charades
    • I. Charade In Dumb Show
    • II. Charade In Dialogue
  • The Key To The Enigmas, Riddles, Etc.
    • Enigmas
    • Charades
    • Conundrums
    • Acting Charades
  • Puzzles And Paradoxes
  • The Key To The Puzzles And Paradoxes
  • Miscellanies
    • To Polish Shells
    • Miniature Oak Tree
    • To Extract The Perfume Of Flowers
    • Vegetable Skeletons
    • Cherry-Stone Baskets
    • To Form Figures In Relief On An Egg
    • Storm-Glasses
    • To Make Bread Seals
    • To Take Impressions From Seals
    • Varnish For Ornamental Purposes
  • Shows
    • Punch & Judy
    • The Drama Of Punch And Judy
    • Fantoccini
    • Gallanty Show
    • The Wonderful Crocodile
    • Chinese Show Of Artificial Fireworks
  • The Model Stage
  • Tinselling

1st edition 1865, 128 pages; PDF 146.
word count: 49115 which is equivalent to 196 standard pages of text

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Magic & Conjuring / Published 1800-1899