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Hocus Pocus Junior
by unknown


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Hocus Pocus Junior by unknown

This book includes detailed work on the "Cups and Balls," and the first version of the "Stack of Pence" (i.e., "Stack of Quarters"). It is probably the first English book written from the viewpoint of a performing magician. Any serious magician should read this book, not to learn a lot of new tricks, but to realize how much has been known for a long time. This book is part of our history. I understand that $60 or more for a paper reprint is hard to justify, but now for a few bucks there should be no excuse to not read this wonderful little treasure.

1st edition, 1634; 52 pages.

  1. The Epistle to the Reader
  2. The originall of Legerdemaine, and how it come first into this Kingdome
  3. The Definiton of the Art of Legerdemaine, with its principal parts
  4. The end of the Art of Legerdemaine
  5. The Definition, or description of the Operator
  6. Of the Play of the Balls
  7. How to make a great Ball seem to come through a Table into a Cup
  8. Other very pretty tricks with Bals
  9. How to make a stone seeme to vanish out of your hand
  10. How to make a Card vanish, and finde it again in a Nut
  11. How to seeme to ease a Knife
  12. How to rap a Wag on the knuckles
  13. How to seeme to swallow a long pudding made of Tinne
  14. How to seeme to cut ones nose halfe off
  15. How to seeme to pull a rope through your nose
  16. How to make a pile of Counters seeme to vanish thorow a Table
  17. How to seeme to put a ring through ones checke
  18. How to seeme to thrust a Bodkin in your fore-head
  19. How to put a locke upon ones mouth
  20. The use of it
  21. How to breathe fire out of your mouth
  22. How to draw ribbins of any colour out of your mouth, and to deliver it by the yard
  23. How to make two Bels come into one hand, having put into each hand one
  24. How to make a Jugling booke, or a booke for Waggerie
  25. Bunus Genius or Nuntius invisibilis
  26. Boxes to change Graine
  27. How to vanish a glasse full of Beere
  28. How to seeme to cut off a mans head, it is called the decollation of John Baptist
  29. How to make the face of a Childe to appeare in a pot of water
  30. Adwice whereby you may drinke a Tunnell full of drinke, and afterwards seeme to poure the same all out of your sloeve againe
  31. How to seeme to make a tooth drop out with a touch
  32. Another conceipt to procure laughter
  33. How to make two or three egs dance upon a staffe
  34. A merry conceit
  35. How to knit a hard knot upon a handkercher, and to seem to undoe the same with words
  36. A notable feat of Fast and Loose; namely, to pull three beadstones from off a Cord, while you hold fast the ends thereof, without removing of your hands
  37. To turne a threed, and so make it whole againe with the ashes thereof
  38. To cut a Lace as under in the midst, and to make it whole againe
  39. A very strange tricke whereby you may seeme to cut a piece of Tape into 2. or 4. parts, and make it whole againe with words
  40. Of divers pretty jugling knacks
  41. Feats by conveyance of money
  42. A notable trick to transform a counter into a Groat
  43. An excellent seat to make a twopeny peece lie plaine in your hand, and to be passed from thence when you lift
  44. How to transforme any one small thing into another forme by folding of paper
  45. How to convey money out of one of your hands into the other by Legerdemaine
  46. How to make sixe pence seeme to fall thorow a Table
  47. How to seeme to blow a sixpence out of another mans hand
  48. How to deliver to one man one sixpence, and to another another sixpence, and to make both the testors come into one mans hand
  49. Conveyance of Cards and Dice
  50. Of Confederacy

word count: 12387 which is equivalent to 49 standard pages of text

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