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Giuseppe Pinetti

Giuseppe Pinetti

Born in Orbetello, Tuscany: 1750-1800 or 1805. Stage name of Giuseppe Merci, son of Luigi Merci, a village innkeeper in Tuscany. Aka 'Willedal de Merci'. A top-line stage pro in Italy (1796?), Germany (1780, 1796), France (1783-84, 1785), London (1784-85), Lisbon (1791), Poland and Russia (1789, etc). Died in Russia.

Possibly invented both Dancing Card (by 1784) and Jumping Plume (1784).

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Giuseppe Pinetti

Physical Amusements and Diverting Experiments by Giuseppe PinettiThis is a wonderful and extremely rare book. If you could find this book at all somewhere to purchase, you would need to put down around $5000. But it is not just its rarity which is so fascinating, it is its contents. This is a great magic book. Many outstanding tricks are taught. I found new routines and new principles I haven't seen and read anywhere else - and I consider myself as fairly well read in magic. I love this book. It is highly recommended.

It describes how to change the color of a rose. How to shoot a bird and bring it back to life. How to drown a fly for 24 hours and bring...

2005 / 9 / 9

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